The Infant Jesus Miracle in Hungary

This story was related by a Jesuit priest, at a talk that I attended some years ago.  It was told to him by a Hungarian bishop in Rome.

In Hungary when the communists were in power, an atheist school teacher did her very best to destroy the belief in God of the children in her class. She was always coming up with devious schemes for this purpose, such as telling the children, that God would take care of the plants.  However she made sure that they were not watered. Of course they died, and God was supposed to lose His creditability.

Her most devious trick was to ask the children, to call out to the Infant Jesus to come into the classroom.  If he did not come in, then He obviously did not really exist.  A miracle took place when the children called out in unison, “Baby Jesus come in!”.  The Infant Jesus did come in !

What happened to our atheist school teacher?  She suffered an instant nervous breakdown and was placed in a mental asylum.

The Hungarian prelate who related this story to the priest, says that the miracle is well known to people in Hungary.

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