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Cindy Metzler     Monday, 6/14/04, 6:33 AM
I began reading about St. Philomena several years ago. It was my grandma's middle name. She passed away several years ago. I miss her a lot. When I started reading St. Philomena, Powerful with God by Sr. Mohr, I wanted to read more and visit St. Philomena's shrine in Brigsville, Wisconsin. I am just not able to be because I have some transportation problems at the moment. But I am praying and I believe my help will come soon. I pray often to St. Philolmena as a despondent mother. I am divorced and my girls have suffered terribly as a result of the divorce. My behavior has not been the best towards their alcoholic father.
From: St Louis, Mo.
E-mail:  Cknmetzler@aol.com

Dimpna M. Avolio`     Friday, 1/17/03, 6:08 PM
You have a wonderful site. Please continue on your educational information for all of us who need to explore these horizons. Sincerly, Dimpna
From: Encino, CA. U.S.A
E-mail:  mavolio@socal.rr.com

John      Monday, 9/23/02, 3:12 PM
Just making a return visit to your very nice website. God bless and keep up the good work.
From: Ireland
Web Site:  St. Theresa's Roman Catholic Church, Sion Mills, Co. Tyrone
E-mail:  jjquinn@ic24.net

Laura Nolan      Sunday, 6/2/02, 7:51 PM
From: Newmarket,Ontario, Canada
E-mail:  lmparrott@rogers.com

Helen Griffin     Saturday, 8/4/01, 9:34 PM
Hi Mary Ann, I stumbled upon your website tonight as I was looking for sites about St. Philomena. I love the picture of those two little baby girls. I am praying to our dear Little Saint for twin daughters also. I plan on naming one of them in honor of St. Philomena. Their names as I have planned are Celine Therese and Clare Philomena, pending my dh's approval of course but I think Philomena can handle that also! Love in Jesus through Mary, Helen
From: Arkansas, USA
E-mail:  wfourk@ozarkisp.net

Tony & Esther Nott      Monday, 7/9/01, 12:17 AM
Keep up the good work. I pray that your dizzy spells will soon disappear. --Tony
E-mail:  nott@ozemail.com.au


St Eugene's Primary School      Tuesday, 3/6/01, 3:14 PM
Thank you for signing St. Eugene's guestbook. Your site is very nice.
From: Ireland
Web Site:  St. Eugenes
E-mail:  bdevine@steugenesps.strabane.ni.sch.uk

John Quinn     Sunday, 3/4/01, 9:14 AM
You have a very beautiful site and I enjoyed my visit. I will certainly be back again. Good luck from Ireland and God Bless. John
From: Ireland
Web Site:  St. Theresa's Roman Catholic Church Sion Mills
E-mail:  jjquinn@ic24.net

Jo Anne Sobiek      Tuesday, 11/21/00, 3:45 PM
What a nice site. Enjoyed the music a lot. So happy to have found this.Keep up the great work.
From: Greenfield, WI (Milwaukee) USA
E-mail:  progress@asapnet.net

Elizabeth Hayes      Tuesday, 5/9/00, 9:27 PM
From: Tuscaloosa, AL
E-mail:  eandjhayes@cs.com


Rev. Augustine Ntim-Duodu      Friday, 4/7/00, 4:49 PM
We Praise and thank God for the gift of the Internet and the good work you Mary Ann are doing.
From: Jamaica, West Indies
E-mail:  nanantim@cwjamaica.com


Kerri       Monday, 3/27/00, 11:25 AM
My grandmother's name was Philomena and this website helps me feel a little closer to her. Thank you. If you ever have or know where I can get a medal that can worn, please let me know.
From: Virginia
E-mail:  kerri.l.farr@saic.com


Sherlee McFarland      Sunday, 3/26/00, 4:48 PM
Very nice website! JMJ
From: California/United States
E-mail:  lasher55@mindspring.com

Leilani Vicker      Friday, 11/12/99, 11:40 AM
What a beautiful website. I have a special devotion to St. Anthony and so loved it very much. Your websiste will give glory to God and lift many hearts and minds in prayer. God bless you . We would be honored to have a link to your website. Leilani
From: Bellingham, Washington
Web Site:  The Catholic Treasure Chest
E-mail:  pray@catholictreasurechest.com

Colana      Monday, 8/30/99, 9:57 AM
I enjoyed your site. St. Philomena, St. Dymphna and St. Anthony are all very powerful Saints. Thank you for promoting devotion to them!
From: Alaska
Web Site:  A Rose for St. Therese
E-mail:  igloomom@aol.com

AdongChoda Grace     Saturday, 6/12/99, 2:49 AM
Quite good and enlightening.Keep up and open up the chatroom soon. God bless you and let's keep praying together.
From: Uganda
E-mail:  ppa9820@iss.nl

Doris Knight      Tuesday, 5/25/99, 6:15 PM
St Philomena and St Anthony are my two favorite saints!
From: Alabama, USA
E-mail:  dorisknight@mindspring.com


Kevin McKay    Tuesday, 5/25/99, 9:00 AM
God Bless Ste. Philomena Always!!! Everytime my wife and I pray for Her intercession to God our prayers are always answered. I will be eternally grateful for all that She has done for everyone. God Be With You Always Kevin
From: Chicopee, Ma. 01022 USA
E-mail:  kmckay@massed.net

Therese      Wednesday, 5/12/99, 10:39 AM
I also have a web page known as Dads.. dedicated to our dads! The address is: http://beta.homestead.com/CUinOhio/Dads.html Mary Ann your web page is great! I saw the rose today! God's blessings to you and your family!
From: Columbus, Ohio USA
Web Site:  Postpartum Depression
E-mail:  bzmom@columbus.rr.com


Kim       Sunday, 5/9/99, 10:42 PM
Thankyou for visiting my site, did you see all the border graphics as well ? What are you using netscape or explorer? I am trying to work out the problem. I am glad you found a new server for your web page. When I get more time, I will come and spend more time here. :-) Love the rose that opens and closes, very cute ! Love Kim
From: Brisbane, Australia
Web Site:  Kim's Christian Corner
E-mail:  cmos@one.net.au

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