History of St. Philomena (1896)
A very poor mother, named Teresa Bovini, had no clothes to dress the infant she was about to bring into the world. In her distress she sought the aid of St. Philomena, begging her to send her a girl in order that she might name it Philomena; but on condition that the saint should provide for her.

A fine little girl, however, was born to her before her prayer had been heard; and they knew not how to clothe it. Seeing the infant naked, the mother was offended with the saint, and grew so excited, that out of compassion, the nurse took off her own white neckerchief, and wrapped the baby in that. Still a girdle was wanting; and the mother said if they would look in a certain trunk, they might find an old rag, which would serve. 

The trunk was opened, and to their astonishment was found to contain a complete little outfit, fine and  beautifully folded; and giving forth an unknown perfume, which filled their hearts with heavenly consolation. The women present could not cease kissing the miraculous clothes and inhaling this fragrance; and the mother knew not how to thank the holy Virgin and Martyr.

The child, thus attired, was borne in triumph to be baptised, and the miracle was spread abroad. Nor did the tenderness and kindness of the saint end here. The next night Teresa was awakened by the voice of her infant. She sought her by her side where she had laid her; but she was not there.

Full of fear and doubt, she looked around, when her eyes fell on the saint, seemingly about fourteen years of age, clothed in white, and shining in glory. She was sitting in a chair holding the little Philomena in her arms and caressing her lovingly. In joy, confusion and  gratitude, the mother exclaimed: "Oh! St. Philomena!" and could utter no more. Then the saint kissed the baby and disappeared, leaving the mother filled with consolation

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