Prayer petition page
(Petitions for St. Philomena and for St. Joseph)
Send me your prayer petitions for St. Philomena and for St. Joseph. Only use first names in the petitions). All petitions will be checked before they are published. Send the petitions to the following email address: or put them in the submission box below.  Put in the subject heading the words:  Prayer petition for St. Philomena and St. Joseph page. When you visit this page please say a prayer or two for the petitions listed on it.

I pray for my family to become involved in
our lives, for my daughters-in-laws to
love me as they do their
own mothers.

Please pray for my financial needs.

I ask for a better financial situation
for myself and my husband.

I pray for my grandson to
start talking and for me to
be in his presence when he
does. He will 3 years old on
july 7.

Please pray for for Christopher, for Jude
and Francis' special intentions, and for
Pat's vocation.

I pray for reconciliation with Gerard.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with jobs and might be slow to add some of the petitions to the page.  They are being prayed for just the same.

Thank you for all my blessings. I pray for many financial blessings to lift me from the debt that I am in and to be able to help others who have been good to me.  Please answer my petition.

I ask the intercession of St. Philomena for Judy to be healed of panic attacks and obcessive compulsive disorder, also for the healing of fainting spells, for my sister Maureen 35, to have her lost eyesight restored and glaucoma healed and that she doesn't lose anymore eyesight.

For my special intention.

Santa Filomena hoy te conoci te pido con todo mi corazon me ayudes a embarazarme. gracias
confio en ti    Rocio

(Translation of the above prayer petition from Spanish into English)
Saint Philomena, today I have come to know you. I ask you with all my heart to help me to become pregnant. Thanks. I trust in you.  Rocio.

I pray that my broken-heart heals and that I can trust people again.

I pray for the children who died in India (in the tragic school fire). Please pray for their families.

Please pray for my spiritual life to increase, heal and regain any losses and be strong.  Please pray for my family, their conversions back to the Eucharistic Christ, equal and loving communication between all and especially graces for Dad and his needs and good strong faith and prayer.  Please pray for my pilgrimage to be super excellent with many more, bringing miracles of grace, like they say, beyond my wildest dreams.  Please pray for Thomas, his successful surgery and cure of addiction with the prayers of Matt Talbott and that St. Raphael will lead me by the hand to those whom God wants me to meet transfiguring our meeting with His love and joy, especially a connection with someone I have been seeking.  Please pray for interior strength and graces to fulfil God's holy will and for all of my intentions. Please pray for my prayer and fasting and full living of the messages and loss of weight substantially and maintained.

Please pray for Hector to stop using drugs and also that he will see himself as a child of God. Pray for our relationship to grow in love and friendship. Give Hector strength to overcome all his inner struggles.

Saint Philomena I pray your rosary every day and I wear your cord. I beg you to help me in this necessity.  Please help us to sell our house and please solve the other problems also.  These are difficult problems but you are a wonderworker and we believe in your intercession before God.
Jorge and Maria Ines.

Please pray for my friend's 53 year old son who is an alcoholic.  He has been dependent on his elderly parents support but finally has an offer for a real job, if he can control his drinking.  May our dear little saint and the power of the Holy Spirit help heal his mind and make him strong.

I am a single mother, I lost my home and contents in a house fire in December 2003. I had no fire insurance, and no help making a new start. My only source of income is child support, and that is not on a regular basis. I have many stresses and they are causing many health problems for me. My children are out of control, they have behavior problems and now they have brought problems into the school. My son failed the 7th grade and is now in summer school, which he is seriously failing in summer school. My best friend was buried today, and it has really been stressful accepting her death. My mother is seriously ill, and I am constantly worried about her. I am in college and with all the other stresses, my school work is being affected. I have a short time left, I will be graduating in December 2004. I hope to relocate, and pray for a financial blessing to make this move. God's Blessings!  Jackie

St Philomena, I ask that you pray for my petitions which I pour out to you at this time.  We would like to have another happy and healthy child.  We have tried to overcome several problems with conceiving and have had no success.  If it be for our good and the will of God Almighty may this conception occur this week.  Thank you MW

St Joseph you are a powerful saint the protector of demons. I pray you and St Philomena will look after L and  guide him in his life. Amen.

First & foremost I would like to thank God, Mama Mary, all the Angels & Saints of the impossible & the helpless for the intercession & for the answered prayers. I am really glad that even though the problems seem to be endless, by  faith I still can survive & I am able to find a headway. Again, at this point I am requesting for my prayers  to be granted again, if possible before this year end. I am really broke & my family is relying on me. I've applied for an overseas work since January & up to this time we are still waiting for the coming of our visa. Kindly intercede my prayers that me & my colleagues will be able to be deployed to the country of our choice/applied - Japan & New Zealand, if possible before the year ends. We are patiently waiting & we just do hope & pray that the Holy Spirit will bless those who are handling our documents- the employers, our agents, madam Cecil, her lawyer Atty Fajardo. May God also enlighten their hearts & their consciences that by God's grace their promises would come into reality soon. Let only the truth prevail & not deception, because in good faith we've done our very best to meet their requirements in all honesty & in Godly way.  I will continually praise  You  Lord & thank you in advance for I know, you  will listen & grant  my prayers. Amen.

Please pray for the intentions for which I have been and still am praying to St Philomena. Thanks. Stephen Ho.

Please pray that I will find my soulmate that God has chosen for me.

For present difficulties

Please pray for my 3rd oldest son, pray for him to stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally and that he does not have any problems at his work place with management, staff and residents.  He is very stressed right now. Also please pray that at his meeting tomorrow it will ALL be in his favour. 
and that he finds a perfect soulmate for life and soon, he is 33 and he needs to be loved and will love back.

St Philomena and St Joseph I (Lou) am in a major financial situation where I need your intercession.  Please help me get a new job or improve my position in the company I work for now so that I can meet/exceed my financial obligations.  This is an urgent request and I thank you for your prayers and thoughts, please help me through this

Please pray for my son Michael Jude who struggles with a learning disability.  He has two midterms Thursday and needs to pull at least a C.  God Bless All

For Patty to return to me very soon with as much love as she had before, so that we can get married.  Karl.

St. Philomena and St. Joseph.  Please remove this hurt and pain that I have in my heart for C.J.  The separtion that were going through will make our love more stronger for each other.

I have started to pray St Philomena and I have been looking for a statue of hers but I would like to buy a large statue not the small ones.  Could you help me find one.  I would prefer an old one even if it is damaged. Thank you. Claire

Prayer petition for St. Philomena and St. Joseph page. Please pray for Cliff and myself to work out our difficulties that we will get back together and hopefully if its the right thing to do we will get married.

St Philomena I have been waiting so patiently for you to answer my prayers.  Please St Philomena don't refuse to hear me. Sweetest Saint, help find a way to send my grandmother to Italy.  I know she would love to spend sometime with her family.  I need a brake.   I need to be on my own.  I need to start to live my own life.   So, please St Philomena help me find the money.  We just can't afford to purchase the ticket or for us to live our own separate way.   I know I am asking for too many
things, for a miracle to happen.  Please St Philomena I am counting on you. Please St Philomena don't let me down.   I pray to you with love, faith and hope.  Love, SA

Please pray for my sister Tita she is very ill and for my daughter the she will be able to regain her health.Please keep them in your prayers

Please pray for Thomas to find the right job.

Free me from this sadness and anxiety - KD

For my son Ashley to be a responsible person and to find a good wife, For peace and unity in the Parnells family

For a good job for Kathy.

For the mother of Philip's children to return to him with their children and for them to be married properly in the Catholic Church, for the conversion of the mother and for Philip to be received into the Catholic Church.

For two people who are long term unemployed to find work. For stress relief for two mothers,

Please get the ban removed quickly.

For financial help for a family in debt.

For a lady who is desperate need of a change of job. She has sent out many resumes to support this.

For Angela to find a good Catholic husband and for the conversion  to the Catholic Faith of a man who she is interested in.

That the concert will be able to go ahead as previously planned

For a happy solution to the custody problems for Louise,

For the complete cure of my bridge phobia.  Thank you  St. Anthony and St. Philomena  for the  help which has already been provided which enables me to travel on trains again after a break of around ten years  (which occurred  as a consequence of this problem).

Eternal Rest Grant unto Mary Ann Lankford O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her and may she rest in peace, Amen.

For the petitions of  P.M.

For Vanessa to find a good husband

For my uncle who had a stroke. (from Tammy)

The cure of a viral infection and other symptoms.

For a good solution to B.M. afternoon transport problems and for a much better job for her that she will do really well at.

That J. will do well in all her exams and that the unwanted and unwelcome attention from a married man  and also from a divorced man will cease.

That Rose will be cured of cancer

A successful meeting with a very important person

For guidance  for to help me find a good catholic husband (petition fom Tammy)

For the successful outcome of  a proposed treatment and also  of some medical tests and that they will not produce trauma for the patient.  (This particular treatment and also one of these tests although they are likey to be successful in curing a serious condition are very frightening during their administration).

St. Philomena please get me another large size statue of you like the one FJM gave me.

For a speedy and successful solution to the work transport problems for B.M.

For long term accommodation for John and that he will be well taken care of and will settle down and be happy in that situation.

Please  pray for the speedy solution to some technical problems

I pray that Jo and I get back together again.That my health returns and I keep my
job.  (Mike)

I pray for myself and my husband to be given the chance of becoming a parent. May we may be able to live a holy married life and dedicate ourselves to the heart of Jesus and Mary. May we become a family like that of the Holy Family.

Please pray for peace and understanding with my oldest son and his family and for my sister, daughter and granddaughter that they will regain their health. Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray that my husband and I will conceive soon.

St. Philomena, If it be God's will, please put me in Travis's heart and mind once again...a second chance for us both.

Please pray for my desperate financial situation.

I pray for a good husband to love me and my son and a good job so I can support my son.  I also pray for my son's healing from asthma.

First of all, I would like yo thank the almighty Lord, Mother Mary, all the angels & saints for the answered prayers. I would like to ask again the Lord, Mama Mary & all the angels & saints, to help me & my friends in overcoming all our problems concerning financial worries & our application for job overseas. Please grant us Lord the patience to overcome all of our worries & may we be able to work & to practice our field to our desired country of destination. We really want to serve our family in a very decent way, that's why I'm begging for your help.

Prayers also for those who are asking for your blessing for their sickly & dying loved ones, please heed their prayers and for all those who are praying & asking for your help non-stop, please grant their petitions, Lord. Always remain in our hearts Lord & keep us always guided by your love & protection. This I ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.

For the cure of depresssion

For a successful transition from protected employment to the open market employment for B. and for the new job to be in the local area near good public transport.

For a couple who need work at home income

For P who needs to pay off his creditors and overwhelming debt

For a new Ignatian community who need benefactors

For vocations of pure faith.

For Rosemary and her speedy recover, for her husband and his health

For D and his conversion

For much needed land for a religious community and that my daughter will be cured of breast cancer.

That a cure for my deafness be found soon, so that I and everyone else similarly situated can hear normally soon.

Please cure me of tinnitus and all my other symptoms.

I pray that Christina will reunite with Rob.

Please pray that my family's serious financial problems be solved very soon.  Also, that we may sell our home and move into a nice house.  With the sale of the house, our finances will be greatly improved.  St. Philomena and St. Anthony, please pray for us.  We need a miracle.  Thanks

St. Joseph and St. Philomena, please pray for help in our financial problems.  Thanks
Pray that Paul and I will reconcile and marry and that my son-in-law will find a job soon
For that financial miracles and blessings that we have been praying for.

For Richard who is seriously ill,

For Margaret to be healed of her illness.

I am still waiting for prayers of one year to be answered for a hopeless case involving a
child and her mommy who was hurt by daddy and also for my son who wants a child before
it's too late. Pray with me to God, Our lady  in Jesus' name and to all the saints of hopeless cases. Amen .

Please pray for the following intentions: for my newborn granddaughter
Maisy who was born at eight months and is intensive care with jaundice arouble when
she feeds,  Emotional healing for D. and restoration of our friendship and ministry
together. For my son to become a most responsible person and pay
his bills, unity, forgiveness healing peace of mind for my husband
and myself and for a successful and happy marriage and good health

I ask for my mother's physical healing of partial paralysis and herniated cervical discs.

I ask for complete recovery from my paralysis.

Please cure my autistic son  (Hope)

Saint Philomena please pray that I will be granted the opportunity to assist in the restoration of your Blessed Statue. Peace be with you,
Saint Philomena, Powerful with God.  Amen.

I pray for two young people to discover each other and establish a happy
relationship of friendship and affection.

Please pray for me to find a job and a good man to love and cherish me...thank

I pray for the healing of my eyes so that my eyesight will be restored and I will not go
blind and I pray that I will be able to see my two young children as they grow up.

Please pray for Caesar, he's suffering very much. thanks...

For my husband Larry and I (Diane) to become pregnant, for the healing of mother-in-
law Donna of diabetes, kidney problems, for conversion of brother-in-
law healing from alcoholism and smoking, and for healing between mark and I.

I have suffered the last five years with depersonalization/derealization with anxiety and panic.
I am a sinner and I am in need of healing. I want a second chance at life to try and live in His name.I
have constantly forgone the use of medicine for fear of the side effects.It becomes unbearable when things are at their best in my life and it tears me down to rock bottom. I am in love
now but we have only been together for a short time and these episodes are definitely a strain on my new relationship not to mention my financial status because I am almost incapacitated in social
arenas. Please give me a second chance to redeem myself and my life. I don't want to lose everything again.....especially her. (Chris)

I pray for the good health of my father and  for a better financial situation for me
and my brothers. I also pray for the eternal repose of the souls of my mother, Corazon and my brother, Joey. St. Philomena, pray for us. Amen

For the petitions of MARIA INES.

St. Philomena, my nephew Sam needs your help desperately.  He is struggling financially and is very unhappy in his work and where he is living.  Please lead him to a good job with good pay and a nice place to live that will suit his needs.  Thanks Rita

St. Philomena, please guide Pete back to church and also to reconcile with me.  Help him to realize he overreacted to a situation with us.  He grew up going to church with a very devout Catholic family but drifted over the years.  Bring him back to the church and to me. Also, heal his eyes.  He recently had detached retina surgery.

St Philomena please heal my son's hearing and cure him of all his health problems.  Please bless his speech and calm down his wild spirit.  Please help my family and also clear my skin.  Please heal me of all infections and toxins in my body.  I ask that God will cause my husband to realise what a good wife and friend that he has lost in me and that he will come back and be more loving, faithful and attentive to me and that he will attend to the things of God.  May God cast out the evil that has come up against my life and my marriage.  I ask you St Philomena for urgent help in all these matters.

Dear Lord, Help me to find my original education documents as it is misplaced
or lost, I can't remember.

Dear St. Philomena please stop all the verbal abuse that I am often subjected to and please get a particular person to treat me properly.

Dear St. Philomena, please resolve happily the situations which have developed from my efforts to do good.  Please comfit me and the other people who are distressed about the situations. Please come speedily to my aid.

Please pray for the mental healing of my husband who does not get along well
with people and can get somewhat violent at times.  He is basically a good
person but takes things the wrong way far too often.  He must have no self esteem
and feels everyone is out to get him.  Please pray for his healing.

I am so helpless my husband PRINCE is neglecting me. MAHDU is my name he plans to migrate or
move without me. We should be united

I am under financial stress. My Canadian consultant promised she would not
charge me big fees now she is demanding any amount which I cannot afford.

I pray that my brother-in-law Pat will find meaningfulemployment and help with their financial difficulties. I also pray for my brother-in-law, Alex's success with a liver transplant.  I also pray that my mother's eyesight will be spared. 

I pray that the doors will open for my son-in-law Mill's, invention to be marketed and that it will be successful.  I also pray for my daughter, Jen's success in studies.

Please pray for me to become a good housewife (housekeeping and meal making, care of my husband and children) and to catch up quickly on my paperwork. Please pray that I will learn to do dressmaking and have a successful and enjoyable hobby out of this that will benefit both myself and my family especially my daughters.

St. Philomena, I ask that you please intercede to our Divine Saviour for the intentions that I have asked.Thank you

Dear St. Philomena, Today is the brain operation of my brother, Dr. Daniel Alagon. Please pray that the operation be very successful. Please give the Doctors who will operate on him wisdom. Please give Daniel a long fruitful life so that he can heal other people too. Thank you. I trust in you.

Dear St. Joseph, St. Rita and St. Philomena, please obtain for me back the email contact that I desire and help me to get into contact with P. A. again in order to obtain the information that I require.

For success in exams for my neice Kenzie, who just started Medical School.  I pray that she will remain calm and retain all she studies and also that she will meet a holy Catholic man who will be a good husband and father.

First of all, I would like yo thank the almighty Lord, Mother Mary, all the angels & saints for the answered prayers. I would like to ask for again the Lord, Mama Mary & all the angels & saints, to help me & my friends in overcoming all our problems concerning financial worries & our application for job overseas. Please grant us Lord the patience to overcome all of our worries & may we be able to work & to practice our field to our desired country of destination. We really want to serve our family in a very decent way, that's why I'm begging for your help. Prayers also for those who are asking for your blessing for their sickly & dying loved ones, please heed their prayers. And for all those who are praying & asking for your help non-stop, please grant their petitions, Lord. Always remain in our hearts, Lord & keep us always guided by your love & protection. This I ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Please pray that if it is good for my daughter and if she will succeed at it that she will get the job that she is applying for and if it is not suitable for her that she will either stay at her present job or get a better one which is good for her, that my husband and daughter will be cured of their circulation problems, that my sons and myself will be cured of all our symptoms and their underlying causes, that my organisation's problems will be soon solved and for the special intention which I am praying to St. Philomena for on a daily basis.  I am praying for all the intentions of the people who come to this webpage.

Please pray that I will write a good book review on a book on St. Philomena and that I will be able to write a good article on Help for meditating on the Rosary.

I pray that Jo and I get back together again.That my health returns and I keep my job. (Mike)

Please pray for the healing of the men that stalked me.  Please pray that they find Jesus Christ
and that all evil goings on with these men will be stopped.  Please pray that  all the lives affected by these men be healed.     God Bless you
Please pray for the following intentions:
1. Healing of illness for: Serina de Jesus & Joann Castillo
2. Healing of Marital problems for Sylvia & Harvey Garcia.
3. Healing & conversion for Harvey Garcia

Please   pray   for   a   money  blessing.   Please   pray  for   my   sore  legs.
Lord plese send a  blessing   for   my  goats.

St Philomena I trust in you to grant that Jo and I get back together again and get
married, that Jo forgives me and gives me that second chance.That Jo knows how ill
I am and that I love her with all my heart.That I am not prosecuted and my health returns. Amen  

St Philomena I offer you my prayers  to bring before God so that my son & daughter
may acquire your help financially and receive your protection in regards to their college education.

I pray for a miracle for Terri Schiavo and comfort for her family and supporters. I pray the hearts
of those who who seek her death will be softened. I pray that, if it be thy Holy will, Terri will be allowed to live and receive therapy.

Please pray for Hector who has suffered a heart attack and for shaun who was born with one kidney and who has type one diabeties.

St. Philomena intercede for me so that I can find myself a well paying job so that I can move on my own before the end of the 2004 and so that I will be oble to pay for my own rent, bills, buy food and clothes for myself.

For the complete healing of Jamie's leg

For my mom, Antonina who has become very ill for a month after getting the flu shot. Please pray for her health to be completely restored

I am writing on behalf of our own St. Philomena School located in Labadieville,
LA.  We are a coeducational Catholic school with 129 students in grades preK -
8th.  We have been in existence for 132 years.  Over the years, we have experienced many success and faced many challenges.  At this time, we are dealing with the possibility that
our school will close its doors at the end of this school year.  As a mother
with two children in our precious school and an alumna, this very thought is
disheartening, as you might imagine.  Our school has until January 8, 2004, to
present the diocesan school board with 130 registered students for next year and a
balanced budget.  We will hold registration during this first two weeks of December.  We are $29,000
away from having the balanced budget that we need.  For all of these reasons, I am writing to request that you pray for our school.  I truly believe that with faith and prayers we will
remain open.  As Jesus said, "Ask, and you will receive. Seek, and you will find.  Knock, and it
will be opened to you.  For the one who asks, receives.  The one who seeks, finds. 
The one who knocks, enters." Sincerely, Kris Guillot (E-mail address for St. Philomena School is

St. Philomena, please pray that my sons Jonathan and Joshua will get serious about school and pass to the next grade and gradulate in May of 2003.  I pray that all will go well with me when I begin
orientation on Tuesday. I ask for favor with the people that are in charge of me.

Saint Philomena please protect our family from those who would do us harm.
Help us to find a nice place to live away from our dangerous neighbor before we
have any more problems. Amen.

Please pray for Greta who is suffering from agonizing headaches and debilitating
depression. She cannot go much further dear Philomena.

I pray that my father ends his affair with the muslim woman and returns to the

I pray that my close relationship with my best friend may be restored. We are very close and I miss
her alot. Please help this time of separation to come to an end.

I pray for my son Matthew's recovery from autism and his gastro-intestinal problems. He is 3.5 yrs
old. I pray that he starts talking to communicate with us. I pray this for St. Philomena and St. Joseph to intercede my petitions and I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. Thank you
Maria McGugan

Please pray for my special intentions regarding Stephen and myself.  (anon.)

I pray for a miracle for Irene and her family to have a good Christmas.

Dear St. Philomena:  Please intercede for us and let Cathi be healthy and conceive and have healthy baby/babies.  Thank You,  Cathi and Mike

Dear St. Philomena please assist me and help me have children, please help my sister and brother find someone special and help anyone who calls upon Thy aid and invokes the Holy Name of Jesus. Thank You.

Please pray for the healing of my glucoma and cataracts and for a successful operation.

Please reunite me in love with Cheryl. I love her dearly and I want to make her my wife.

Please say a prayer for Jimmy and Lisa.  They are having difficulties with having a child.

St. Philomena please make sure Barbara, Kevin , Dana and Tom are saved.

Holy saint philomena, please help direct our family to the right vet who can diagnois and heal our pet Max with his sickness.

Please St Philomena, please obtain for me my special intention which has left me in
tears and broken hearted.

Saint Philomena I pray for the restoration of  relationship that is in deep
trouble.  thank you great Saint Philomena.

Please pray for my marriage and family. Please pray for our healing, salvation and conversion, especially for my husband Danny.  I do not believe in divorce, please pray for God's miracle; for an end to our divorce and for the healing of my marriage and a new marriage in Christ. That Dan’s blinders will be removed and his lies will be exposed to himself as well as to others and the truth revealed. That the judge will see through these lies and rule in the best interest of our daughter. Please pray for financial help for me. Please pray for God's will to be done in our lives and that our hearts may open and draw closer to Mary's heart and the Heart of her Son Jesus, so that they can transform us into people of peace and love. Thank you and May God bless you. Carrie

St Philomena, I ask for the money that I need to pay my gas, lights, and water, the Internet service, and the car insurance, and to pay off this house and that if it is God's will that I can buy a new home in a new land that I may start over. I also ask that the relationship with my husband will be restored and blessed and that the bitterness will be wiped out of the relationship.  Please grant that Andrew will be saved and that he will come to realise that he should be home with his wife and child and that nobody should ever come between us.

I have two favours to ask today and they are both very important. Dearest St. Joseph and St. Philomena, please help me to preserve chastity and protect me from temptation now that my husband has left me. And please intercede to obtain for me the great financial blessing that is necessary to get rid of this excessive debt and move forward in God’s Will for my life. In advance I thank you, and I promise to come back to this page to give thanks at the right time. My confidence in your kindness is great. 

Please pray that Fritz and I will finally know and share the truest of love together.

please pray that we will be blessed with a child soon (Vickey)

St Philomena please heal me of all my sicknesses and restore me to good health.  I will spread devotion to you to St Philomena.  I love you St Philomena, many thanks.

Dear St. Philomena please get me the favour which I so earnestly pray for.

Dear St. Philomena and St Joseph, I am asking for your prayer and guidance at this time.  I am waiting for my work permit, and praying that I can get it this by March 2004 so that I can start working legally. I have a problem with my I-140 and I am afraid that the issue of my work permit will be delayed because of this.  I pray Lord that this problem of mine will be resolved. Please also grant that my family and loved ones will obtain good health.  Please pray for my mom, K.C., Aunt Sheila, Aunt Ritzelle, Jenny, Kuya Noel, Kuya Allan, Josh, Fheraigh, Allana, Jhnon and all their loved ones as well. Please bless my dad.  Forgive me for all my shortcomings.  Please guide me always in making decisions in life.  Help me Lord.  I trust You. I love you, Lord.

I pray to be pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Please don't think I am asking you to feel sorry for me.  I am asking for prayers for the healing of my husband's mind even though I am very much affected by his behavior.  For as long as I can remember he has had a terrible temper and flys off the handle at things normal people would not be bothered by.  About 13 years ago he lost his job and things have gotten progressively worse.  He has no self esteem and a very negative attitude about people and life.  He thinks he is religious but he doesn't seem to like anyone and can't find a good word to say about many people.  I pray that he will be healed and will be patient, kind, loving, understanding, slow to anger, easy to get along with, outgoing, interacting with others in a positive way, forgiving and a peacemaker.  You see he doesn't have ANY friends and I can't get him to go hardly anywhere besides Church.  My brother had invited us to come down for Easter Sunday -he acutally likes my brother.  When I first asked him he said no he didn't really want to go.  Then yesterday he said I have a deal for you -- I will take you down to see your family Sunday after we eat.  All I said was "Why after we eat?" and he completely exploded calling me names and said he was just trying to do something to make me happy and what was wrong with me.  Maybe I too am crazy but this is not a normal response to my question.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for him that he will be miraculously healed.  I just don't know what to do to help him and I know he is miserable and I am often miserable being around him.  We have an adult son living at home who also gets some of the abusive treatment as does our married son.  Last year there was a terrible fight between my husband and daughter in law.  Things are just not pretty.  This is Easter weekend and I know I should be celebrating and happy.  Instead I am living with this terrible secret and trying hard to help figure out how to help my husband.  Thanks for listening and PLEASE pray for us!  Anonymous

Please pray for my son to be delivered and healed of schizophrenia.

I pray for the health of my husband...that his liver will function properly and he can get off all of his medications.

Dear St. Joseph, Please help my husband find work, and help me with my finances and bring Christopher and Gabriella back to the church.

Please pray for my family's financial problems to be solved soon. Help us to sell our car soon and get back our money that are lost in the business transactions my husband made.DC

Oh dear St. Philomena, Help me to receive my work permit this march lawyer got a letter from the INS..they want more supporting documents. I hope oh dear St. Philomena that the INS officer will be kind enough to re-consider my application for I-140. I hope too dear St. Philomena that the insuance of my I-765 won't be affected by the problem I have now for my I-140.I hope that I can work with my work permit this march 2004 at the hospitals and facilities. I hope that there would be no more problems that may come my way in terms of fixing my papers..dear St. Philomena, help me to get a great job. I hope that I may be able to attend the newly grad program this April 2004..I hope that my work permit will arrive immediately with approval from the INS.hope also dear St. Philomena that I may be able to pass the actual driving exam and the English exams that I will be taking the following month...bless me and all my loved ones. I thank you for all of them..please continue to guide us..please bless my daddy and grandmother .Please help me  with all of these problems I thank you..i love you dear St. Philomena..i entrust all of you with these matters..Amen.

St. Philomena, please help Ron to get his two sons back in his custody, away from their unfit mother.

For Jude and Francis' special intentions.

For my husband's depression and our financial situation to improve.

Dear St. Philomena please speedily grant the petitions for the novenas that I made to you today.

Dearest Friends in Christ Jesus, Please ask St. Philomena to intercede for my mother, Josephine so that she will be healed and receive good test results from her doctors.  All this we ask in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

I pray that my mum and dad would change for the better and stop trusting people so easily and getting cheated and will stop treating me like a second class citizen.  I really pray that they change soon and learn to trust the correct people.

I pray that I wil pass my exams and get a good job soon. Especially one that takes me away from this country and that I will meet nice people and get a good life partner.

St. Philomena I need you to please pray for me and remember me. I have confidence and trust in your intercession.

Please pray for my mother who can't remember from one minute to another. Please pray for son who has a learning disability and struggles in school and needs to do good this summer in College.

I desperately request your prayers, miracles and healing in all areas in my life. I am going through a very traumatic period having lost my job some months ago and having lost the case I brought against my employer for unfair dismissal, after holding high level positions for 17 years, suffering from severe hair loss and skin problems for several years which no treatment seems to be able to cure. I am also, through desperate prayers trying to reach out and heal Barton, the man I love so very dearly and pray for a miracle that he will return back to me one day with love. We were very happy together and were planning a future together until someone from his past returned back into his life about two years ago and after leaving him and returning back to him thrice in the last two years, she has now eventually gone back to her old boyfriend. This has left him devastated and without realising it he has changed from a gentle caring person into a cruel hard person. I love him very much and he once loved me too but he cannot seem to let go of her and still calls her up and writes to her. He now does not want to see me anymore. I desperately request your prayers for him too that the Lord opens his eyes and sets him free of her to get on with his life and be the gentle caring person he used to be and realise how much I love him. He does not seem to realise the hurt, the pain, the anguish and the heartache I am going through with him, for him and because of him. I want so much to help him let go of her and the only way I can do it is to reach out to him in prayer. We both need healing in this area of our lives. I am hurting badly because of what he put me through for the last two years without realising it. Please pray for both of us. I am emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted and have lost my self-confidence. Please also pray that I am able to find a good job. I do not feel motivated enough but I desperately need a job now. I have been without work since December and am not used to being without work but I feel as if the world has crashed down upon me and won't let me rise and stand up again. Thank you very much and God Bless you and your Ministry. 

Dear St. Philomena and St. Joseph:
I pray for my family.  Please help us to sell our home.  I know you hear the prayers and intentions deep in my heart.  Please, let us sell this house and help us find the perfect one for our family.  This is a big move for us but my children are important.  Take this crohns disease away from my son that he would never suffer anymore.  He is a wonderful son and I also ask to always watch over all of us.  Help my husband to give up his alcohol and to be a better Christian.  Watch over my daughter, that she may continue to grow in goodness and knowledge including the same for my son.  Help me to continue to thrive on prayer and patience.  Thank you and God Bless all of us.

That I marry please.  Thank YOU very much Blessed Mother for helping me.  Also please intercede for my parents, for those suffering in the world, The Pope, my friends and my enemies.  Thank you SO much!!!  Joan in KS

Great Saint Philomena, please obtain the graces to heal me of my painful affliction. Thank you.

A Really Wonderful Favour granted by St. Philomena
Thank you St.  Philomena for the favour granted.  My girlfriend, who was wrongly accused of harbouring an illegal immigrant, was spared from going to prison and was also spared the penalty of being whipped 2000 times.  Thank you very much for your intercession.  I will continue honouring God through you, St Philomena.

Thank you Lord for prayers answered.

Thanksgiving for answered prayers.

Thanksgiving for favours received and answered prayers

The devotion of the Seven Sundays in honour of the Seven Sorrows and the Seven Joys of St. Joseph.

A Story of St. Joseph's timely intercession

When my daughter was about three years old she was very autistic.  We sent her to the local preschool.  She was totally unable to cope and cried a great deal and would sometimes vomit because of the stress. The pre-schooling for my daughter was totally unworkable. (She was unable to communicate at this stage of her life, but has since told me that she was afraid that I would never come back to pick her up from the preschool).

The autistic association came up with the idea of sending her to one of their schools which was many miles away.  I was amazed that this was suggested in view of the fact that my daughter could not even cope with one hour at preschool so I turned to St. Joseph for his help and for seven Sundays in a row I prayed fourteen Glorias in honour of the seven Sorrows and the Seven Joys of St. Joseph.

On the first day that she was taken in the school taxi to the special school when they arrived at the school she hopped out of the car and waved goodbye to the lady from the autistic association who was helping out and from then on my daughter had no more difficulties separating from me in order to go to school.

St. Philomena, Powerful with God Pray for us and please grant the petitions which we ask of you on this page if they be in accordance with the Will of God and for our good.  If they are not good for us please obtain for us what will be good for us.

                                          To Saint Philomena nothing is Refused.

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