The devotion of the Seven Sundays in honour of                                the Seven Sorrows and the Seven Joys of St.                                    Joseph.


                                                St. Joseph, Foster father of Jesus, spouse of
                                                Mary, pray for us.

A Story of St. Joseph's timely intercession

When my daughter was about three years old she was very autistic.  We sent her to the local preschool.  She was totally unable to cope and cried a great deal and would sometimes vomit because of the stress. The pre-schooling for my daughter was totally unworkable. (She was unable to communicate at this stage of her life, but has since told me that she was afraid that I would never come back to pick her up from the preschool).

The autistic association came up with the idea of sending her to one of their schools which was many miles away.  I was amazed that this was suggested in view of the fact that my daughter could not even cope with one hour at preschool so I turned to St. Joseph for his help and for seven Sundays in a row I prayed fourteen Glorias in honour of the seven Sorrows and the Seven Joys of St. Joseph.

On the first day that she was taken in the school taxi to the special school when they arrived at the school she hopped out of the car and waved goodbye to the lady from the autistic association who was helping out and from then on my daughter had no more difficulties separating from me in order to go to school.


Thank you St Joseph for coming to my aid speedily when I uttered a small prayer to you in an urgent situation.

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