St Philomena and the Examinations

A lady telephoned me and shared with me the following story, and gave me permission to tell it to others, and also to publish it on my website. She has been a friend of mine for many years.  Her name is Philomena and she has been a devotee of her patron saint for seventy years.

Her daughter was studying at university and the exams were imminent.  She knew that there was no way that she could pass the exams. Her mother prayed hard for the intention and then St Philomena appeared to her wearing a crown. St Philomena had long hair. St Philomena simply said that the lady’s daughter would pass the exams.

This story comes from a very down-to-earth sane intelligent woman. Philomena informed her daughter that she would pass her exams.  The daughter demanded to know how she could possibly know that. She told her daughter that someone had told her that.  Philomena’s daughter pressured her to reveal who had said that to her. The mother said that she was a bit shy about revealing who said this to her. After much pressure she let her daughter know about the vision of St Philomena.

The daughter passed the exams just as her mother said she would. This has had a great impact upon her daughter.  The daughter had stopped going to Mass some time ago.  Her mother has been praying for her conversion.

Philomena's daughter is very impressed by what her mother has told her. She is now reconsidering her position in regard to going to Mass, whereas before she refused to consider that.

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