The following account comes from the book
"St. Philomena the Wonder Worker by Fr. Paul O'Sullivan OP.

My Dear Doctor,

You have been in my mind a great deal lately and why I have not written to you long before this to announce the glad tidings of my wife's entire restoration to health I cannot understand.

Your friend and patron St. Philomena has been beyond doubt the Wonder-Worker My dear wife is now free from her head noises, pronounced incurable, sleeplessness, nervous depression and other ailments. Her digestive organs are working perfectly. The transformation commenced on the 25th February.

Her troubles had been going on for five years during which she was successively in the hands of seven clever doctors, who however, could do nothing for her. St. Philomena's Life came to us from you. She read it at first in a very cursory manner while in bed where she used to spend the greater part of her time. After reading it superficially she put it on her table and appeared to forget all about it. She took it up again on the morning of the 25th February, and this time read it with great avidity, so much so, that she could scarcely put it down. Finally she went on her knees and prayed to the Saint to aid her in her great trouble. Every day after that she read a part of the book and always seemed to find something new- in it.

The doctor's visits had ceased for some time. At the end of a fortnight from the date of her prayer she went to her doctor's house who at first failed to recognise her, so improved had she become.

The old woman had disappeared and a new woman was there. During all the five years of severe illness she took no interest in her house or garden. Her maids did as they wished. Now you would not recognise the house. She insisted on improvements. The garden which had been so neglected is a picture - visitors were banned, now they are welcome. Our friends stop her in the streets in amazement at the change. The cure is not only complete, it is solid. In one sense it is well that I have so delayed in communicating these facts to you, as I can now guarantee the stability of the change. Believe me, dear doctor, yours very sincerely,
J. T.

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