Saint Philomena The Wonder Worker

The king and queen no baby had;

They longed to be a mum and dad;

To pagan gods they prayed each day;

But still no baby came their way.

Then good advice was given to them;

It proved to be a priceless gem;

Christians are what you should be;

Then a baby blessing;

You shall see!

When this was done;

The grace was granted;

And with little Philomena;

They were enchanted! 

When little Philomena had reached twelve years;

Bad news filled up their eyes with tears;

On their country small and poor;

The emperor of Rome;

declared a war !

Let's go to Rome;

The King told wife and daughter;

To plead with the emperor;

to prevent this slaughter.

At the mighty

emperor's court;

They pleaded with him;

the war to abort.

The emperor had a new idea;

He said there's nothing more to fear.

Give me your daughter;

To be my wife;

And I promise her;

A wonderful life! 

The offer took them by surprise;

A refusal would mean;

Their country's demise;

The king and queen were filled with gladness;

But Philomena was overcome by sadness.

To be a bride of Christ;

She'd already taken a vow;

No way would Philomena;

Let it be broken now. 

The answer was a steadfast no;

The emperor now his force would show! 

To the dungeon Philomena was deployed;

All manner of torture was employed;

It was all to no avail;

The emperor's methods were doomed to fail.

Because God Himself defended her soul;

Philomena kept her eyes on her heavenly goal. 

The maiden Philomena;

Was strengthened by faith and grace;

Until the day she could behold;

God face to face.

Finally the maiden Philomena was beheaded;

And the onlookers wept;

For many centuries in the catacombs;

she silently slept.   

At last her relics were located;

And the excavators were elated;

When Philomena's relics,

Were bought up to the ground;

Miracles started to abound !

Some folks thought that miracles;

Had stopped with the Bible;

With Philomena;

They had a revival.

The sneering cynics;

Who had announced God's demise;

Were by Philomena's miracles;

Dealt a surprise.

Saint Philomena's fame;

Spread everywhere;

And people ran to her;

Pleading in prayer.

No one was forgotten;

No one was left out;

The cripples;

The dying;

The sad;

And the needy;

All of them found;

Her miracles speedy. 

From heaven she surveys;

All of our needs;

And on our behalf;

With God she pleads. 

Say a prayer to Saint Philomena;

And light her a candle;

Because there is no problem;

That she cannot handle.

There’s one thing more;

We should not ignore;

From her grave of silent obscurity;

She has come back to teach us;

About goodness and purity. 

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