Send me your accounts of Favours Received through the intercession of Our Lady or one of the saints or angels.

Please email me at the following email address: and tell me about the favours which you have received through Our Lady or any of the saints or angels: Perhaps you have received a favour through the souls in Purgatory I would like to hear about this too.

The accounts will be checked  out and I will publish some of them here:  Specify which devotion you used for instance the 54 day Rosary novena, or a novena to St. Jude etc. 

Please only use first names in your accounts of favours received.  Just to get you started a man told me the following favour from the 54 day rosary novena.  His wife applied for work at the telephone company and was told that there was no positions available.  The husband and wife then did a 54 day rosary novena and on the 54th day when they had finished saying the rosary the telephone rang.  It was the telephone company telling them that there was a job available for the wife.

Favours Received
Thank you St. Philomena and St. Jude for getting John a placement for a medical operation in one day instead of the ordinary six months to one year time frame.

Thank you St. Philomena for helping me pass my exam against all the odds.
(A grateful client of St. Philomena)

Thank you St. Rita for interceding for me and granting me the favour I asked of you.

Thank you St. Philomena for healing me of the severe pain

Thank you St.Jude, St. Anthony for healing my pain and coming to my financial assistance.  (Nisha)

Thank you St. Rita and St. Jude for healing me of my severe sickness and also for
granting me two other desperately sought favours.

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