The protection of my Guardian Angel in a dangerous situation
I was walking my children home from school.  We stopped at the corner of the street in order to cross the road.  There was a car stopped there waiting for the traffic to clear in order to make a right hand turn.

I deliberately made eye contact with the driver to make sure that the she could see the children and myself.  We then proceeded to cross the road.  Unfortunately despite my efforts she had not seen us.  She started up her car immediately as we began to cross the road.  She was almost upon us when at the last second she managed to slam on her brakes.

The driver of a car got out and started to shake and cry uncontrollably, because she realised that if we had been killed that it would have been her fault for not paying enough attention to the situation. My obviously pregnant state would have added to her distress.

I thought very little of the incident at that time, and casually remarked to her “It's okay, I pray to the guardian angels for protection, everyday”.

A lady witnessed this incident.  She told me the next day that she was absolutely convinced that the children and I were going to be killed.

My Guardian angel's protection during a gas leak
A few years ago I was teaching scripture at the local state school. Because I was running late I did not go to the school office and sign the register but went straight to the classroom and waited for the bell to ring and for the students to come in.

There was a strange quiet feeling in the room and something seemed very odd.  I waited and waited and grew very tired of waiting for the students and wondered why they were so late in coming to the class. Then I decided to do some preparation for the class while waiting and took out a guardian angel holy card out of my bag and wrote the words of the guardian angel prayer on the back.  As soon as I finished writing that prayer I decided that since the pupils were 20 minutes late for a 30 minute class that I would leave and go home. 

When I went out to the playground I noticed with surprise that the whole school (teachers, students and secretarial staff) were way down the back of the field.  I went down to see why.  There was a gas leak in the school!  No wonder it felt quiet and strange in there because no one was in the school except myself!  No one could go back into the school to telephone parents, to collect bags etc.  My daughter who was among the students had  mentioned to the teacher with some concern that I was coming up to teach scripture.  She was worried about where I was.  My daughter was the only pupil in the school who could go home! Another bonus is that is seemed to me that my sinuses were a bit better that year! I am wondering if it was the gas!
Mary Ann Matulis

  The powerful intercession of the Holy Souls in Purgatory for their benefactors

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