The Holy Name of Mary Untouched by Fire.
In the Annals of the Propagation of the Faith, the following is related by P. Kopper, a Jesuit Missionary of Western Bengal, in India:

The village of Manapadam, situated in a heathen district, possesses very few Catholics, but at least God is faithfully served here, and the Mother of God has a modest little chapel built in her honour. For a long time not a drop of rain had fallen in the country around, the drought spread to all parts, and the harvest was in the greatest danger. The Indians had made use of every superstitious practice, but all in vain, the heavens remained shut, and the earth barren. Then they resolved to make a final effort; one thing only perplexed them, they did not know to which of their gods they should make a final cry for help.

So they took eleven palm-leaves, and wrote on each the name of one of their principal deities. Several Indians proposed to add a twelfth leaf on which should be written the name of Mary Help of Christians; and the advice was followed.

Then a large fire was kindled on the public square, into which, in the presence of all, the twelve palm-leaves were thrown, with the understanding that they would invoke that deity whose name should come out of the flames unscathed. Scarcely had the leaves fallen into the fire, than they were burnt and reduced to ashes. One only remained uninjured in the midst of the flames it was that which bore the sweet name of Mary.

There was now no possible doubt that Mary must be invoked. The people hastened to her sanctuary, where each one, in his own way, called on Mary, saying as they went: 'The God of the Christians is the only true God, and His Mother has great power.'

'The benign Mother of Mercy did not seem displeased with this ignorant homage, for the Indians had hardly left the chapel, when the clouds gathered in the heavens, and a great downpour of rain watered the earth. The harvest was saved! But Mary did still more, for she allowed a ray of grace to penetrate these sterile hearts, and a great number of heathens, urged on by this miracle, were converted. The leaf, thus wonderfully preserved in the midst of flames is now kept in Mary's chapel, at Manapadam.

The miraculous picture of Our Lady of Good Counsel at the monastery of New Norcia, Western Australia

There is a miraculous picture of Our Lady of Good Counsel at the monastery of New Norcia in Western Australia. This painting was given to the Benedictines in 1845 by Saint Vincent Pallotti, when they were leaving Rome to start missions in Western Australia. In December, 1847 a terrible bushfire was ranging and threatened to destroy the monastery.  The picture was placed against the standing corn in front of the fire. As soon as the sacred image of Mary was placed before the raging fire, the wind blew  in the opposite direction, carrying the flames away from the Mission where everything was already burned black. The fire soon died away. The native people who witnessed this were amazed. On another occasion the mourners in a funeral procession were in danger of perishing because bushfires had hemmed them in on all sides. Dom Salvado seeing this in the distance, got the picture from the church and ran with it toward the fire area and prayed to Our Lady to save the people.  The wind changed direction and the danger passed.

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