Some Great things which St. Anthony has done

The prayer entitled the Miraculous Responary of St. Anthony lists the following catagories of miracles:

Raising people from the dead, freeing people from religious error, protection from any calamitiy,
The cure of leprosy, The cure of all kinds of health problems, help in cases of demonic posession,
Calming the sea (to prevent ships from sinking and people from drowning), freeing prisioners from unlawful imprisonment, finding lost (or stolen) items, curing useless arms and legs (cripples),
protection in all kinds of dangers, help in dire need (poverty etc.) and spiritual help.  Here are some true favours which St. Anthony has done for myself and for other people that I know.

Story number one:  The lost watch
Some years ago I lost my watch.  I was too tired and too busy to care for a week
to bother St. Anthony about this matter.  Finally I said a prayer late in the night.

The next morning we drove to the parish of St. Anthony of Padua, which was some
miles from our home and attended mass there.  After mass I stayed behind a little and my husband went back to the car park to wait for me. It has been raining for a week and the grass nearby was long and wet.  The ground was muddy.  My husband saw something shine in the grass and out of curiosity bent down and scooped up a handfull of mud and guess what?  My watch was there in the handful of mud.  Explanation?- we had attended a mass at that church the previous week.

Story number two:  The Wedding Ring at the Beach
Our friend and his wife were at the beach and his wedding ring fell off when he was
in the water and it was washed away by a wave.  He called upon St. Anthony and another wave came in and deposited his wedding ring at his feet.

Story number three.  The Jammed Bedroom Door
On a very very hot day about 100 degrees Fahrenheit I was in my daughter's bedroom
at our previous home. The bedroom door's jammed shut. Nothing I could do would open it.

It was  a very hot day. I was in a panic and had no water to drink.  It was only about 10 a.m.
in the morning.  My three year old autistic daughter was on the other side of the door without supervision. We lived on the main road. There was too much traffic and noise for anyone to hear me.

My husband would not be home for many hours to 'rescue' me.  In fact he was going to work back until 10 pm. Also there would be no one to let my children in from school when they came home. The airconditioner was not working properly so I was becoming stressed in the heat. The air conditioner was positioned into the window so that I could not open it for air nor to climb out of the room.  I had a few  statues of saints in the room and an oil lamp lit in front on some of them including St. Anthony. I tried a few prayers, but could not even say the Hail Mary in my total panic. Finally I said the shortest of all prayers in a very loud voice. "ST. ANTHONY HELP!" I  tried the door once more with as much force as I could manage and it opened much to my great relief.

Story number four:  The Missing CD.  I had a treasured five CD collection of the music of The Seekers (an Australian singing group).

One of the CD's of the collection was missing and no amount of searching could find
it.  I had looked several times into the CD cases and it was not in any of them.  After
a week I checked in the CD cases once more, but this time only to work out the exact number of the particular CD of the set of five which was missing. When that was worked out I went outside to say the Miraculous responsary of St. Anthony, half an hour later I had another look in the CD cases and it was there!  I quizzed the family and no one had put it there.

Story number five:  The Stolen car
We stopped at a shopping centre for about five minutes and then returned to the
carpark to go home. There was an unpleasant little surprise for us.  The car had been stolen.

My husband said that we should go back into the shopping centre and report the matter to the shops' security guards and the police. I asked could we please wait and a minute until I had said the miraculous responsary of St. Anthony and then I asked St. Anthony to ensure that no damage was done to the car and that nothing
at all was disturbed in the car. The contents in the car were tools,  some parkas,
A large amount of fruit and vegetables that we had just purchased half an hour ago
and an unopened bottle of lemon squash and a an unopened  bottle of Coca Cola, and
a few other odds and ends.  The car was stolen at about 1 p.m. on the Wednesday
afternoon and on Sunday morning at about 3 a.m. (which was actually the day that Princess Diana died in the car crash in Paris)  the police phoned to say that the car had been found, in good condition.  It had been driven many miles across the Sydney suburbs.  Nothing at all was touched just as it had been requested from St. Anthony.  The bottle of Coke was even left unopened, even though it had been hot weather.

The following favour was sent in by a visitor to this website:

I have had a favour  granted though St Anthony's intercession which you might want to add to the others. On Christmas eve 2003, my daughter was working on an indoor market stall and she was very busy that day.  I had recently bought her a brand new mobile phone as a Christmas present and she couldn't wait to use it, so I let her have it before Christmas day.  She had it in her handbag at work that day and had left the handbag on the counter top whilst she was serving 3 young girls.  When she had finished and went to get her handbag she realised that it had gone.  It had been stolen!!

There were many things of value in the bag, including her Christmas bonus, but what upset her the most was that her new mobile phone was in there and it was expensive.  She was in tears!!  The police were contacted and her christmas was ruined.  I wondered what I could do to help, and then I remembered St Anthony.  I had nothing to lose by praying to him and asking him to have the phone returned to my daughter, but in doing so I thought that I was asking the impossible!!

I had bought the phone from the market stall that was opposite the one where my daughter was working, and they sell new and second-hand phones.  Within 2 weeks of my prayer, an older lady tried to sell my daughter's phone to the very same stall from where I had bought it!!!  They recognised the phone and told the lady that it had been stolen and she immediately ran away and left the phone with them, which was then given back to my daughter. I mean, what are the chances of that happening??  She is still using it today.  I am sure that St Anthony answered my prayer!!

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