This page has been made to thank St Rita (the saint of the impossible) for favours received; especially for the healing of a family friend from a serious health problem without an operation nor any other kind of medical intervention and also to promote devotion to St Rita.

St Rita was a model daughter, wife, mother and religious. As a mother she tried to help her two sons to curb their tempers, and prayed that they would die rather than avenge their father's murder by committing murder themselves. They both became ill and repented of this evil intention before they died. St Rita then applied to enter the Augustinian Sisters in Cascia but was refused entry.  Because of her persistant prayers she was at last admitted to the order.

She often meditated on the passion of Christ and was noted for her obedience to her superior. Once when she was praying before a crucifix she asked Our Lord for a share in his passion and a thorn detached from the crucifix and pierced her forehead causing a wound which remained for the rest of her life. This wound caused Rita great suffering.

After St Rita's death she worked such great wonders and miracles that she well and truly earned her title of Saint of the Impossible. St Rita's incorrupt body is in her main shrine at Cascia in Italy. Her feast is on May 22.

  St Rita (the Saint of the Impossible)

A statue of St Rita in the Sanctuary
  of  Maria Incoronata in Italy
                                   The shrine church of St Rita in Rome, Italy

The following favours was sent by a visitor to this webpage

Against the odds!
My most specific request to Saint Rita was when my then fourteen year old daughter auditioned for a part in the high school musical. It's very odd for Freshmen to be accepted, as most of the time, it's the upper classmen who get in; but after a good prayer to Saint Rita, my daughter was one of only a handful of Freshmen who passed the audition! St Rita helps me every single day; however that seemingly 'impossible' task really stands out!  (Helene)

St Rita comes through again!
My Veronica is one of only five students selected to represent her school in this year's town-wide forensics competition; forensics, in this instance, meaning the art of expressive reading. She was up against some pretty stiff competition, but through the prayers and merits of Saint Rita, she was selected, as was my oldest daughter, who is the lead, once again, in this year's school play; though my girls are talented, I truly feel that it's St. Rita's help that gives them the confidence that they need to pass all these auditions, as I pray to her for them all the time. Thank you, St. Rita!  (Helene)

Work leave approved after a firm refusal
Kate asked her employer for some time off, so that she could go on a pilgrimage. Even though Kate had accumulated a large amount of leave, that particular time was absolutely refused. Kate was needed at work during that period. She was devastated. Kate and her mother prayed for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, and asked them to turn the situation around. They also asked the saints for help and made a daily novena to Saint Rita (the saint of the impossible.) The day after they started the novena, Kate’s uncle telephoned and told Kate’s mother, that St. Rita has prayed that her wound would close, so that she could make a pilgrimage to Rome with some of the other nuns in her monastery. (The Mother Superior had made this a condition for Rita to go to Rome.) Rita prayed for the wound to close. The wound closed and  Rita went to Rome. The wound reopened when she returned to her monastery in Cascia.)  Kate’s mother knew about this, but it was not on her mind when she suggested praying a novena to St. Rita to her daughter. All that she was really thinking about was how to turn around this impossible situation. You guessed it. The leave was approved!

My mother is a diabetic and she had gangreen.  I prayed to St Rita and my mother was healed of the gangreen. (Sandy) USA.

Healing of bipolar disorder
My niece was diagnosed with bipolar disorder by a psychiatrist in the Philippines. When we went to Saint Rita’s shrine in Philadelphia, I prayed for all those who are sick, and for whom there are no known treatments available in our country. I obtained some blessed oil from the shrine and sent it to my niece’s father (my brother) who helps out in the chapel of Saint Rita in our city, and asked him to put the oil on his daughter and to pray the prayer of Saint Rita for her: after a day or so she became well and no longer takes any antidepressants. Saint Rita also interceded for my nephew. (A devotee of St. Rita)  USA.

Editor’s note: A lay person is allowed to put blessed oil on a sick person, as long as it is clearly understood that he/she is not administering the Sacrament of the Sick, which of course is reserved to a priest.

I was suffering from tinnitus, (ringing in the ears), along with other unpleasant symptoms. The tinnitus was really getting to me. I prayed to Saint Rita for help. Some time later, a friend who knew of my problem, emailed me a link, to a radio program transcript on the subject. It was explained in the program that some tinnitus is caused by the brain misinterpreting incoming sound frequencies, and that as a result, it produces tinnitus, and that the ears are not causing the problem in these cases. (I am not a medical person, but this is how I understood the article.) This explanation is very different from conventional medical advice on the subject, (which blames the problem on the ears), and which tends to leave little hope for chronic tinnitus sufferers.

This lack of hope for a healing often cements their problem, when it could be helped considerably, or even completely eliminated.  It was explained in the radio transcript, that there is a program in America, based on this idea regarding tinnitus, for sufferers of the condition, which takes about a year to complete. This was absolutely out of the question, because I live in Sydney, Australia and did not have a year to spare anyway. I read the radio transcript article carefully several times, and then I made a little speech to give to my brain whenever the problem of tinnitus rears its ugly head.  “Brain I know that my ears are okay, and that you are misinterpreting incoming sound frequencies and that as a result you are producing the tinnitus, so now that I know what you are up to, I order you to stop doing that!” Guess what? This works! I reapply the technique whenever necessary, and the problem clears up quickly.

Protection from Hurricanes
Several years ago the gulf coast was on the bulls eye, to have a direct hit of a category 4 hurricane. It was to hit the city that my sister lives in. Lots of people had left. My sister and her husband had to wait until the last day, because he is a profession that required him to stay longer. I prayed to Saint Rita, because Rita is my sister’s middle name and her confirmation name. I asked Saint Rita to protect them, and the city that they live in. At the last turn the storm went to the left and hit an unpopulated area. What is amazing is they own property near the direct hit, but nothing was moved or damaged on the property, or the housing on it. They never had to leave their home either.

Here is the second part of my story. I have a brother who lives in another gulf coast state, who was in the direct line of hurricane Rita. The storm did extensive damage to the area around where he lives, but nothing but one clay pot was damaged. He owns a plant nursery and none of his plants were damaged. This protection was also through the intercession of Saint Rita. She is my mom's favorite saint. I got her a bust of Saint Rita several years ago. It was touched to a first class relic; a leg bone of Saint Rita . My family loves Saint Rita.  K.B. Texas, USA.

Exam passed
As a single parent who receives no child support, I was in desperate need of a job, that would allow me to make money. It also needed to be a job, that did not fit into the 9 to 5 timeslot. For two years, I have been taking the real estate exam, and have constantly failed because of the math.  I googled saints who could help me pray for the impossible, and Saint Rita's name appeared.

Ironically at birth, I was abandoned and named Rita! Five years later, I was adopted and named Jonna (Jo- from John the Baptist and -onna from Mad-onna, and Rita became my middle name. On May 31 after praying to Saint Rita, I finally passed!  Thank you Saint Rita!

Healing and financial help
The following testimony was received on email. I have been praying to Saint Rita, (the saint of the impossible), for a large open wound, that my friend had on her leg since August, to heal. She emailed me the other day with the good news, that the wound had closed. 

In the past, I also prayed to Saint Rita for financial help, when I was having a really bad month, and for the first time my kids came through for me, and sent me a check for five hundred dollars, which helped immensely. 

I also prayed for my ex-husband not to become overcome with grief and depression on the anniversary of his son's suicide, and he seemed to do better on that day, than he has in years past. (C.P.)

Deep vein thrombosis
Three years ago I suffered from a severe case of deep vein thrombosis in my right leg. My calf was double its size and blue/purple due to a lack of circulation. The majority of the main deep veins were completely clotted from foot to knee, including the popliteal vein. Usually the body can dissolve a small clot, but as my veins were clotted solid I was told by doctors the clotting could not dissolve. I had real fears I would lose my limb as my circulation was so bad.

We had been given Blessed Oil from Saint Rita’s church in Egypt, which was scented with roses. My mother decanted the small vial of oil into a litre of olive oil, and would massage my leg, and pray with tears in her eyes, that God would heal my leg. We also prayed to Our Lady, and asked her to intercede as well.

Nine weeks after discovering the clots, I asked the doctor for a repeat ultrasound and was told there would be no point as this would never heal. Nonetheless I insisted and this ultrasound revealed the clots had dissolved!  Even more miraculous is the fact that my valves are functioning, so my circulation has been fully restored. My doctors were amazed!

During this time of prayer, after my mother had decanted the oil the following day we noticed the vial had refilled itself! We couldn’t believe it, and once again the oil had a strong smell of roses.

Sometime later I accidently pushed the vial on its side and it spilled out. I was distraught, but once again on the following day the oil refilled itself! St Rita really is the Saint of the Impossible. S. Y. (Australia)

Great help from St. Rita
The  following testimony on was received on email. Saint Rita has helped so many times. I am thankful for having her in my life, always getting my prayers through to God. She has helped me come back to my home country, sent me the most caring person to support me through my tough times. Every time I’m in a financial crisis, my prayers to Saint Rita never fail.

I have suffered from panic attacks and depression for the past few years, but Saint Rita is always there for me when things seem impossible. She never leaves me, and always helps me to stay on my feet. I love you Saint Rita. Pray to St. Rita, she will never let you down. (R. B. Lebanon)

St. Rita and St. Andrew
I had been out of work since October.  I prayed the Saint Andrew Christmas Novena from November, 30th until Christmas day, requesting Our Lord bring me my next job, "directly".  I asked for this unusual prayer because my last few picks in jobs were not a good fit. My last pick turned out to be working with people who were very ungodly. In fact, I lost the job because, I was the only person who did not make use of bad language. My work was considered well done, but I did not fit the crowd. After I completed the St. Andrew novena, I remained unemployed, hungry, fearful, and most concerned. I support a wife and five small children - God's blessings and richness.  In March, my wife suggested we start another novena to our family patron, St. Rita. On the ninth day, I received a call out of the blue. The hiring manager never interviewed me, never met me, and the following day outright hired me! The manager located me from, a posted resume that previously won no attention. The job was indeed brought directly to me via St. Andrew and St Rita, who arranged the call on the ninth day of the novena.

I was overwhelmed that both St. Andrew and St Rita came through together. What a wonderful family we have in heaven. They truly are concerned about our well-being. It made me think hard and long just how much the saints are integrated into our lives and that they do care. Prior we were living on other peoples’ donations. We never were late on bills, always had something to eat, and no harm came to any family member. I learned a value in trusting in God. Trusting is a difficult concept, because I was taught to work for myself and to work hard to survive. It is true to work, and work hard, however it is a lie to trust in oneself to provide. God alone is the One who provides all means in life, including breathing.

It is difficult to accept this reality, but take it from me, for those who know me, it is true. I pray that someday, I will be able to take my family to Italy so we can personally thank St Rita for her intercession. How shallow I had become by not trusting in God. A lesson learned: the most difficult part, is to best learn, to know in our everyday lives, what to trust in God for, and what to trust within us. When driving a car, I am the person who mans the wheel. However, at times, God mans the wheel, to protect and guard against a fatal accident. It has happened to me once. Another story for another time. These events, in trust, are a mystery. One I am unable to explain nor properly inform others of. I can only share what occurred to me.

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