Favours received through the use of the St Benedict Medal
The St. Benedict medal is one of the most famous medals in the church. It commemorates St Benedict working miracles through The Sign of the Cross. The actual blessing formula that the priest uses, when blessing the medal contains an exorcism, a prayer for protection and a prayer for healing for the sick as well. There are also initials on the medal which stand for various prayers against the work of the devil.

The undesirable Tenants (The St. Benedict Medal)
Therese lived next door to a rental house.  Three successive groups of tenants lived in the house. The tenants in each of the three groups were drug addicts. They usually slept all day and stayed up all night disturbing the neighbours with their noisy rowdy parties. The third group of tenants skipped through without paying the rent.  Therese's mother then placed a blessed St. Benedict medal in the foundation of the rental house.  From that time onward the tenants who rented the house were much quieter people.

The noisy neighbours (The St. Benedict Medal)
In a similar incident to the previous one, Therese's mother placed a St. Benedict Medal in the foundations of a rental house across the road from her own home.  The tenants in this house used to blast the neighbourhood with unbearably loud music.  After the St. Benedict Medal was placed in the foundations, the tenants moved out and quiet peaceful tenants moved into the house.

The St. Benedict Medal at the Supermarket
Every Friday night my husband and I went to the supermarket to buy our weekly groceries. The supermarket played on the loudspeaker a heavy metal rock radio station.  This caused me to develop headaches during the shopping excursions. 
After many weeks of this I came up with the idea of placing a tiny blessed St. Benedict medal behind the cans of food.  The next Friday when we went to the supermarket to shop the supermarket staff had changed the radio station to a much more pleasant music channel.

The St. Benedict Medal in the Park
A friend of our family lived near a park.  For many years hoodlums congregated in the park at night.  All kinds of unacceptable behaviour took place.  The police were called repeatedly over a number of years.  They were never successful in improving the situation. Finally our friend placed a blessed St Benedict medal under one of the park benches.  From that day on the hoodlums never returned.

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