Perpetual prayer campaign and monthly novena 
for those who suffer from cancer
(Commenced on January 1, 2009)

Please join us in praying for those who suffer from cancer.

Holy Souls in Purgatory, please obtain for me the following favours: healing for those who suffer from cancer* in return I offer to God on your behalf the following prayer: 

Prayer of St. Gertrude the Great
Eternal Father, I offer Thee the most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal Church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen.

Offer more prayers if you wish
The prayer mentioned above is a recommended minimum. Please feel free to offer extra prayers for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. You might also like to join one of the monthly novenas.

Monthly novena for those who suffer from cancer
            (9th to the 17th of each month)

Prayer for the first day of the novena
Holy Souls in Purgatory, please obtain for me the following favours: the healing of those who are suffering from cancer* in return I offer to God on your behalf the following prayers: one decade of the Rosary on each day of the novena.

On each day of the novena
Say one decade of the Rosary with the following invocation:  St Peregrine, patron saint of those who suffer from cancer, please intercede for all those who suffer from cancer. Amen.

          (Mark the dates for the novena in your diary)

*People who are enrolled in this prayer campaign and in the monthly novenas.

Christine, Karl, Sharon, Deb, Nathalie, Vladimir, Debbie, Merle, Ray, Kimberly, Giani, Maria, Tony, John, Elaine, Evaristo, Patricia, Edward, William, Irina, Liz, Steven, Norma, Terry, Louise, Philip, Rena, Frances, Richard, Ken, Joe, Gary, Berdy, Therese, Jordan, Shane, Michael, Eddie, Jerry, Christine C, Flordeliza, Mike, Sue, Joseph, Rachel, Rob, Sarah, Tony, Lynn, Shmidt, Salma, Odette, Jennifer, Beatrix, Bishop Lee, George, Elizabeth, Mitali Dey, Mary, Gines, Robert, Kim, Joan, Connor, Vivian, Veronique, Marlin, a Catholic priest, Luann, Betty, Marie, Karen, Philip, Mike, Ed, Marlene, Angela, Rita, Sheila, Fr. Steve, Tery, Mike, Sheron, Monsignor Declan, Ella, Diva, Stan, Andy, James, Karen, George, Paul, Bill, Chris, Paddy, Francine, Carolina, Cindy, Patricia, Mary, Frank, Ann, Debra, Danielle, Indira, Ray, Don, Mark, Lisa Michelle, Diane, Deborah Theresa, Chris, Helen, Marg, Jim, Beverly, Carole, Lorraine, Marnie, Alan Harold, Joselito, Manny, Kevin, Tracy, Dolores, Clarence, Denise, Lillie, Jimmy, Kevin, Nick, Carla, John, Linda, Ian, Jack, Tommy, Joe, Annie, Ethan, Leon, Lisa, Connie, Jennifer, Emery, Elsa, Sharon, Marlene, Janice, Clarissa, Dorothy M., Dorothy C., Linda, Tia, Tara, Helen, Gail, Alfonso, Debbie, Julie, Jenny, Fr. Hoa, Katherene, Kathy, Frank, Madge, Jack, Mary Ann N., Sharrie, Phyllis, Peter, Pat, Loretta, Mary, Bridie, Alice, Patsy, Stanley, Brenda, Hattie, Jaqueline, Jack, Stewart, Olga, Wayne, Molly, Johnny H, Bruce, Patrick, Merv, Jim, George, Br David, Faith, Andy, Luis, Irma, Alfredo, Mrs. Davis, Suellen, Blake, Karen, Patsy, Jeanne, Mary, Elsie, Deb, Berniece, those who have no one to pray for them and suffer with cancer, Norma, Cheryl, Clara, John, Paul, Danny, Jasna, Maxine, Judith, Laura, Timothy, Toni, Sarah, Pam, Nydia, Betty, Connor, Janet, Bruno, Jayme-Ayne, Robert, James, Don, Lyle, Debbi, Sally, Lee, Viola, Ravi, Hazel Alvin, Lillian, Kimberly, Angel lady, Rachel's dad, Julie, Jill, Charlie, Manuel, Cesar, Pedring, Junie, Sharon, Enrique, Nenita, David, Rosina, Katrina, Rachel, Maureen, Janel, Cosme, Reynaldo, Jennifer, Trisha, Marion, Marry, Neal, Rosemarie, Alfonso, Jamie, Caroline, Eamon, Mick, Loretto, Geraldine, Emma, Eileen, Michelle, Barney, Mary, Matthew, Pattie (Patricia), Eugene, Frank, Patsy, Katie, Whong Chan Ying. Piedad, Kerry, Paul, Felicitas, Gary, Peter, Terry, Stephen, Al, Lawrence, Subang Jaya, Charlie, Rita, Diana, Hiyam, William, Ann Elizabeth, Summer, Margaret, Joe, Giles, France, Gloria, Chuck, Christine, Louisa. Beatrice, Boniface, David, Nicholas, Benedict, Aia Teresa, Cindy, Sally, Jessica, Amelia, Benedict, Mercy, Ellen, Juliet, Debbie, Brenda, Bill, Marilyn, Josefina de Lara Bueno, Edna, Maryanne, Eileen, Jackie, Eileen, Christa, Jackie. David B., Basar, Tony, Len, Michael, Nancy, Lillian, Andrea, Nadia, Chris, Lisa Michele, Renee, Judy, Angela, Mary, Larry, Dale, Alasdair, Margaret, Brian, Jochen, Alan, Daniel, Dana, Charles, Dick, Norman, Joanne, Janet, Bonnie, Maria Dolorosa, Clarence, Alan Thomas, Enrique, Elena, Felicity, Sanaa, Angela, Jenifer, Eleanor, Maryanne, Robert, John, Evelyn, Valintin, Dandy, Patricia, Rachael, Mary, David, Sandra, Teresa, Idania, Antonio, Lourdes, Lualhati, Mely, Brian, Sheryl. Jamie, Sam, Conchita, Ellen, Janet, Isabel, Conchita, Christine, Leonore, Charles, Peter, Ann, Rose, Monetta, Juan, Michael, Nicasio, Marti, Bridget, Roberta, Leona, Phyllis, Peter, Oscar, Janie, Hubert, Jushowa, Frank, Norbet, Lisa, Frank, Dominick, John Paul, Diane, Evan, Theresa, Mark, Jordan, Ann-Marie, Carole, Brian, Sheryl, Elma. Maly, Ernest, Maggie, Conchita, Stacy, Anton, Maria, Carmen, Gelina, Roberto,  Father Phil, Gregory, Conchita, Lorine, Michael Joseph, Zoeyy, Joey, Gary, Marrieta, Kim, Elizabeth, Conchita, Lorine, Rosialia, Modesta, Eileen, Melody, Nancy, Turei, Liam, Robert, Kristin,  Donna, Christian, James, Jean, Deanna Pearl, Roxanne Marie, Annette, Edna, Alfred, Finka, Leslie, Colin, Jamie, Josh, Sandy Sue, Suganthy, Bella, Razeetha, Azucena, Mary Frances Therese, Carol, Telma, Vicenta, Michael, Kaylin, Lianndra Antonia, Ann, Inez, Andrzej, Marian, Swaraj, Vicki, Tania, Monica, Olga, Alice, Nicole, Natasha, Monica, Hendry, Janet, Mary, Rebecca, Milton, Bettie, Bess, Catherine, Violeta, Kyle, Paul, Carolyn, Catherine, Teresita, Martin, Nancy, Cathy, Berta, Jose, Lori, Catherine, Violeta, Bess, Jose, Terri, Cheryll, Charlene, Leota, Ivica, Bejamin, Adam, Tony, Saundra, David, Lorraine, Jude, Ronnie, Vincent, Karl, Rod, Bernadette, Kerry Rosemarie, Chris, Brian, Fr. John, Gina, Katherine. Leslie, Jean; Glenn, Marion, Evangelina, Craig, Raymund, Zoe, Marie, Irene. Mark, Jackie, Tommy Rosie, Angelia, Bill.

This list was last updated on October 6, 2023 (AEDT) at 11.26 a.m. Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

If you wish to enroll someone who is suffering from cancer in this prayer campaign, please email me (Mary Ann) with their first name at: 
Please put in the subject line of the email the following words:  Prayers for those with cancer. I would appreciate it, if you could indicate which country you are in and how you found this webpage.  This will help me to better assess and promote the prayer project.

It is important to put those words in the subject line, because I am also running a Novena to St Philomena for the healing of autism and when there is no specification, I do not know which prayer campaign to enroll the person in.

Please let your family and friends know about this prayer campaign. Thank you. Bookmark this page, so that you can return to it easily.

Become a promoter of this apostolate
Please promote this apostolate to your email groups and on your blogs and websites. Tell people about this prayer campaign and the monthly novenas and give them the link to this webpage. This will be something that you can do to help the Holy Souls in Purgatory and also people who have cancer. Our Lord will reward your good deeds.

Special Notes
If you are joining in the prayer campaign, there are no formalities involved. Just say the prayers and/or the novena mentioned. The only names required are for the people that we are praying for, who have cancer. (Only the person's first name is required).

Due to the many emails (especially in relation to the autism novena, which is also on this web site) that I receive and the other demands on my time, I regret that I cannot personally answer all the prayer requests that I receive, but be assured that I read all the prayer requests and pray for all of them.

Favours received 

Dear Mary Ann,
I wanted to let you know of the  good news we have received. I think it's significant that all this happened during the (January 2009) novena! Of course, the first concern we have had is for our daughter’s health and for her life. Along with those concerns, we've also been facing some heavy concerns about how to pay for her treatment. Here in the US, most health insurance comes from our employers. Because our daughter only committed to her job for six months, her health insurance policy will expire on March 1. Treatment is very expensive, and we really didn't know how we'd pay for her care. On Tuesday, our daughter discovered a tiny clause in her health care contract that says if she's totally disabled (i.e. unable to work) then her coverage can be extended for 6 more months! That will cover her until all her treatment is finished!!!! At that point, she should be able to go back to work and again have health insurance. As significant as that is for us, it pales in comparison with our other news. At our daughter’s examination on Wednesday, it was found that her primary tumor has shrunk to less than 1cm, and one of her cancerous lymph nodes looks normal on the sonogram.Praise be to God!!!!! Thank you to the Holy Souls in Purgatory!!!! Thank you to the Infant of Prague!!!! Thank you to St. Therese!!!!! Thank you to St. Peregrine!!!! Thank you to all the other saints who have been interceding on behalf of my daughter!!!!!  I thought you'd want to know how well the novena is working already! With deep gratitude, T. C.

Update to the previous testimony
The prayers are definitely working! At our daughter’s last two doctor appointments, the doctors said that they could no longer feel the tumor. That doesn't mean the cancer is completely gone, but it is the best possible news we can get at this stage. T. C.

On email, I have been told of two ladies, one in England and the other in Australia, who are enrolled in this novena, who are now cancer free. Praise and thanks be to God. (Mary Ann, the owner of this website).

Dear Mary Ann, 
Four months ago, I sent you an e-mail and asked you to place my brother, Joseph, on your prayer list. Joseph was diagnosed with stage IV Lung cancer in May. The news devastated the entire family. I remember reading many times - Ask and You Shall Receive. So, to alleviate my worry and sorrow and to gain strength, I turned to The Divine Physician and Healer of the Sick "Jesus".  I placed my worries in His hands and placed my brother Joseph under His care and humbly ask everyday that He restore Joseph’s life to health again. I asked the Holy Souls in Purgatory to obtain this favor for me. I’m here to tell you that God has responded. Joseph is improving. His current CT scans show the lesion in his lung is shrinking, the spots in his liver have pretty much disappeared, and the brain shows no trace of malignant cells. When one's life is shaken, ask God for help and you shall receive. The Divine Physician “Jesus” is restoring Joseph’s life to health again. The persistence and determination of all his family and friends in daily prayers especially my mother is a testimony of faith in the Son of God. Challenges continue up ahead but they will be countered by daily prayers, charities and good deed for this is a way to repay and appreciate Divine intervention and Miracles. I can not thank you enough for your prayers and I ask you to please continue on praying for him. In Christ our Lord, Tania (USA)

Dear Mary Ann,
I attend Mass daily, so I will pray for them each day during Mass.  I pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory everyday. I do not remember who emailed me your website. I will pass it on to my email group.
T. T. (Australia)

Thank you for passing on the website address and the information on the prayer campaign and novenas to your email group. This is greatly appreciated. (Mary Ann)

I have seen two miracles through this prayer campaign, although one person whom I enrolled is not doing very well. T. C. 

One of the people whose name is listed above, is a relative of mine. I heard on the family grapevine yesterday, that she is making a good recovery from cancer. I actually have four relatives on the list who have cancer. (Mary Ann)

Visitors to this webpage
have come from the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Lithuania, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Kuwait, India, Jordan, Croatia, Hungary, Lesotho, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Vietnam, Kenya, Trinidad,  Poland, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Japan, Scotland, Germany, Philippines, Italy, U.K. Czech Republic, U.S.A. Slovakia.

Why was this prayer campaign and monthly novena started?
It was started because a relative of mine and a daughter of my friend are both suffering from breast cancer.

Why have the Holy Souls in Purgatory been chosen are the principal intercessors for this novena?

Because their intercession for their benefactors is very powerful, because they need our assistance as well and to help spread devotion to the Holy Souls in Purgatory. To learn more about their intercession and about how to help them, please visit the link provided on this page.

An extract from the book:  Read Me or Rue It.
by Father Paul O'Sullivan O.P.

The cure of a cancer
D. Joana de Menezes thus tells of her cure. She was suffering severely from a cancerous growth in the leg and was plunged into grief. Remembering what she had heard of the power of the Souls in Purgatory she resolved to place all her confidence in them and had nine Masses offered for them. She promised moreover to publish her cure if it were granted. Gradually the swelling went down and the tumour and cancer disappeared. 

A tip from a friend 
Whose family member has been undergoing chemotherapy for cancer: Palestine Sweet Limes help stem the nausea. They are also useful for women who are suffering from morning sickness.          

Prayers are answered in the way that God wills
If a particular prayer request to the Holy Souls or to one of the saints or angels, is not granted in the way that you prayed for it, do not lose confidence in the intercession of the saint that you prayed to. All prayers are answered according to the Will of God.

                    St. Peregrine patron saint of those who suffer from cancer pray for us.

Some suggestions 
Set up a homepage tab for this web page, so that when you open up your browser, you will be able to go to the cancer prayer campaign web page straight away. Alternately: you could make this web page, the opening page for your browser. If you are anything like me, this job can be handed over to another member of the family, who knows more about computers than you do.

The Miraculous Medal
I recommend to everyone to wear a blessed Miraculous Medal.  More information is available here.

Learn about the powerful intercession of the Holy Souls in Purgatory for their benefactors. (There is also lots of information on how to help the Holy Souls in Purgatory and information on how to gain Plenary indulgences that can be offered in favour of the Holy Souls in Purgatory on the web page).

Novena to St Philomena the Wonder Worker for the healing of autism

Read my book: Help from heaven (Answers to prayer) free on-line

                              How to say the Rosary

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