(The novena below was put on my website a few years ago.  Australia had a ten year drought. Now Australia is experiencing an abundance of rain. In fact a fair bit more than it needs!)

54 day rosary novena to pray for a  'Rain of Grace'  on Australia and for an end to the drought.
(This novena is under the Patronage of Mary, Help of Christians, the patron saint of Australia)

Australia is in desperate need of an outpouring of grace upon its people.  There is a widespread need for conversion in Australia.  Please pray for this intention especially between now and the feast of the Assumption (August 15). In addition to this Australia is experiencing a severe drought.

Please make a 54 day rosary novena for the following urgent intentions:

1. An outpouring of grace upon Australia and for the conversion of its people

2. Sufficient rain for Australia and that all Australia's dams and reservoirs will be filled to their full capacity.

The novena is made in the following way.  You say the Rosary for 54 days in a row.  The first 27 days are in petition and the following 27 days are in thanksgiving.

Begin the novena on any day that it is convenient for you.  For your own records, mark the date in your calendar that you begin the novena and also the date that the novena is due to finish.

Make it your intention to join your novena to the novenas of all those who are praying for these intentions.

It would be very encouraging to see how many people are participating in the novena.  Please kindly send me an E-mail at:


to let me know of your participation.

Please pass on the link to this page to those of your friends who you think would be interested in making this novena.  Also if you have other friends who are not connected to the internet  please print out this page for them.

(The 54 day rosary novena was revealed by our Lady to a very sick girl in the late 19th century.  Many favours are granted in response to this novena.)

If a 54 day rosary novena is difficult for you, you may prefer to say a nine day novena consisting of a decade of the rosary instead for this intention.

Ask St Philomena
I have added to this page a novena prayer to St. Philomena that you might like to say for the outpouring of grace upon Australia and also for the rain that Australia needs in order to break the drought.

It is well documented fact that St Philomena has worked many conversions.

St. Philomena was successfully invoked for rain (to break a drought) during the translation of her relics from Rome to Mugnano del Cardinale in 1805.

O FAITHFUL VIRGIN and glorious martyr, St.           Philomena, who works so many miracles on behalf of the poor and sorrowing, have pity on me.  Thou
knowest the multitude and diversity of my needs.
Behold me at thy feet, full of misery, but full of
hope.  I entreat thy charity, 0 great Saint!
Graciously hear me and obtain from God a favorable answer to the request, which I now humbly lay before thee (an outpouring of grace upon Australia and also the rain which Australia needs to put an end to the drought).

I am firmly convinced that through thy merits, through the scorn, the sufferings and the death thou didst endure, united to the merits of the Passion and death of Jesus, thy Spouse, I shall obtain what I ask of Thee, and in the joy of my heart I will bless God, who is admirable in
His Saints.  Amen.  

   Organise a Marian Procession to pray for rain

The Powerful intercession of the Holy Souls in Purgatory for their benefactors.

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