Poetry Page 2

(All the poems on this page were
composed by Mary Ann Matulis
the owner of this website)

The poems on this page are:
Hatched, Matched and Dispatched
Steve the Crocodile Hunter
The Saviour
The Fitness Plan
The False Ecumenical Movement
Abortion (Pro-life poem)
Saint Peter Chanel
Mary, Star of the Sea
Clean up time
Mind Pollution (Porn)
Rats in the Kitchen

Hatched, Matched and Dispatched
Bill went to church
Three times in his life.
One was the day that
He married his wife.

As a baby,
He was brought in.
To be cleansed of,
Original sin.

At the age of ninety
Out of church
He was carted,
while the congregation prayed,
For the dearly departed.

When the funeral was over,
At the traditional wake,
They shared memories of Bill,
And had coffee and cake.

“Bill never went to church.
His life was a mess”,
Sadly reflected,
His sister Bess.

“I hope that poor Bill,
makes it to heaven”,
was the comment made,
by his cousin Kevin.

Another comment
which was made,
Was given by
his cousin Sade.

“If he had prayed
how different
things would have been.
A much better Bill,
We would have seen.

Still, he did
some good in his life.
Bill was considerate
to his children and wife.

Bill was converted
on his death-bed,
Thanks to the prayers,
Of his brother Ted.”

Purgatory loomed large,
In everyone’s thoughts,
As they sadly remembered,
Bill’s obvious faults.

“If Bill is in Purgatory,
Let’s pray him to heaven”,
Again spoke up,
His cousin Kevin.

“Let go to church
each morning,
to pray for his soul,
Getting him out of Purgatory,
Will now be our goal.

Bill’s approach to religion,
was worse than just silly.
Let’s go to church regularly,
And not be like Billy”.

After twenty years,
A sign from God was sent,
Showing them that Bill,
to Heaven finally went!

Steve the Crocodile Hunter
Steve Irwin was
an amazing man.
Forty – four years,
His life did span.

Steve had a fascination
With crocks and snakes,
That would send others
Into a fit of shakes.

Steve seemed to have,
Almost no fear,
As the creepy crocodiles,
To him came near.

We’ll always remember
Steve Irwin with joy,
And how with dangerous creatures,
He did toy!

Sadly, Steve’s  work,
had a very high cost,
Due to a stingray attack,
Steve Irwin was lost.
Steve has been called,
To eternal life.
Say a prayer  for Steve’s soul
and for Terri his wife.

The Saviour
God created
Adam and Eve.
Satan did,
both them deceive.

Adam’s sin
and fall from grace,
Spread throughout
The human race.

Heaven was now,
Out of reach,
Because of Adam’s
sinful breach.

A saviour God then
promised to send,
The gulf between God
and man would end.

Jesus on the cross
His Blood did shed.
To win our souls back,
from the dead.

Our Saviour restored to
the human race,
The gift of
supernatural grace.

The gates of heaven
Were opened wide.
Now the children
of Adam,
could come inside.

The Fitness Plan
When Pat decided
to get fit,
He purchased himself
an exercise kit.

For a week, he worked hard,
at sit-ups and crunches,
And then he began to skip
corporate lunches.

After a week,
His muscles were sore.       
Pat decided to exercise
and diet no more.

The False Ecumenical Movement

Let's ditch the differences
And play a game.
Let's pretend the churches,
Are all the same!

We don't let facts,
And truth, slow us down,
We bury them safely,
In the ground!

The facts we choose,
To ignore,
As ways of unity,
We explore!


A tiny baby
Inside his mother,
Looked forward to meeting
His big brother.

As he swam joyfully
In his room,
He looked forward to the day,
He would leave the womb.

He felt safe and happy,
In his temporary home,
However people outside
Had hearts of stone.

Their diabolical plan,
Was to terminate his life,
Using as an instrument,
A sharp surgeon's knife.

In this and other
Similar cases,
Excuses were made
To cover the bases.

Lies to his mother were fed,
As to death her baby bled.
"It's just a blob of jelly,
and a bunch of muscle tissue.
This abortion thing,
is  no big issue".

No one told her
He was a child,
An innocent baby,
Gentle and mild.

Some people give better care
Than this to their pet,
When it's sick
They worry,
And seek help from the vet.

If he had known
His life would end today,
He would have pleaded with us,
To find a better way,
To let him be born,
And carry out his mission
Sadly the matter,
Was not his decision.

The abortion industry
is driven by lies and greed.
Money helps grow
Its poisonous weed.

If the money runs out,
Have no doubt,
This evil industry,
Would soon
Lose its clout.

It matters not,
If the deed is done,
By a knife or a pill,
Abortions are murder still.

If RU486
goes ahead,
More unborn babies
Will be dead !

Here's more of the lies
That from this industry are spun.
"A child will ruin your life,
And destroy all your fun".

“Another child,
Your finances will drain,
Get rid of him now,
To stay well off and sane”.

“A disabled child's
Not worth the trouble.
Get rid of him,
On the double”.

“You already have a child.
That's more than enough.
With two or more children,
You’ll find it real tough”.

A woman is not always
fully to blame.
The man often pushes her
into this shame.

The burden of childcare
Is not for this man.
It doesn't fit into
His low selfish plan.

Reach out
To the women,
Who have been through
This Hell.
Help them come to God,
Who can make all things well.

Saint Peter Chanel

On the isle of Futuna
Father Peter did toil,
To plant the Gospel
In hard rocky soil.

The converts were few
But the hardships were great.
The king’s son converted
Peter gained the king’s hate.

For all of his efforts
Father Peter was killed
It looked like his efforts
Would now be stilled.

But up in heaven
He continued to pray,
And the isle of Futuna
Is Catholic today.

The following poem is based on a true story of a rescue at sea.

Mary, Star of the Sea

A hurricane
arose at sea.
The wind and waves,
thrashed angrily.

The ship capsized,
out I was flung,
between life and death,
I now hung.

Up to heaven
I sent a cry.
The clouds then parted
in the sky,

then Mother Mary
Star of the Sea,
to safety
gently guided me.

Clean up time

Clutter clutter everywhere
everywhere I look.
Now I cannot find,
my brand new cooking book!

I formulate a plan
to declutter and to clean.
To have a tidy house,
is my cherished dream.

I’ll divide the work up,
and tackle it bit by bit.
If I do it all at once,
I am sure to quit!

Mind Pollution (Porn)

Don't pollute your mind with garbage,
with garbage foul and smelly,
the kind of things that every day
are beamed across the telly.

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Don't hold a grudge
A little bit of chocolate
Will make you feel much better
When your insurer sends you
A claims rejection letter.

If you have lost your job
Or have come down with the flu
A little bit of chocolate
Will help you make it through

A little bit is good
But a lot is not wise.
‘Cause you will have to wear
a bigger clothing size!

Rats in the kitchen
There are rats and mice in the kitchen,
They were sent by hell
Put down blessed Saint Benedict medals
And these nasties he’ll expell !