(All the poems on this page were
composed by Mary Ann Matulis
the owner of this website)

The poems on this page are:
The Mission Bell
The Holy Souls in Purgatory
Saint Philomena The Wonder Worker
Saint Lawrence the martyr and deacon of Rome
The Clutter Monster
Pope John Paul II
The Rosary
Cappuccino Time
If I get to heaven
Joe The Smoker
My Neighbour's Dog
The Farmer
Modest Dressing (for girls and women)
St Philomena
Spring cleaning
Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop
The credit card trap
Don't hold a grudge

The Mission Bell
The Mission Bell,
What does it tell?
To come to church and pray,
To worship Jesus,
At the start,
Of each new dawning day.
To thank Him,
Serve Him,
Praise Him,
Love Him,
To abandon every sin.
And also to let go of life’s,
Distracting noisy din.
Our humble messenger,
The Mission Bell,
Takes care of us,
And serves us well !       
The Holy Souls in Purgatory
The Holy Souls in Purgatory are suffering in great pain.
Please send them your good works and prayers
So heaven they'll attain.
Ask them for all the favours of which you are in need;
And now; just as later; when in heaven;
For you they’ll intercede.

When at last; they reach heaven;
and see God face to face;
Gratefully they’ll obtain all you ask;
And even lots more grace.
From heaven they'll watch over you;
As on the earth you still roam;
and do all in their power to lead you safely;
Towards your heavenly home.                            
Visit the Holy Souls in Purgatory devotional page on this website and learn about their powerful intercession for their benefactors.

Saint Philomena The Wonder Worker
The king and queen no baby had;
They longed to be a mum and dad;
To pagan gods they prayed each day;
But still no baby came their way.

Then good advice was given to them;
It proved to be a priceless gem;
Christians are what you should be;
Then a baby blessing
You shall see!

When this was done;
The grace was granted;
And with little Philomena;
They were enchanted! 

When little Philomena had reached twelve years;
Bad news filled up their eyes with tears;
On their country small and poor;
The emperor of Rome;
declared a war !

Let's go to Rome;
The King told wife and daughter;
To plead with the emperor;
to prevent this slaughter.

At the mighty emperor's court;
They pleaded with him;
the war to abort.

The emperor had a new idea;
He said there's nothing more to fear.
Give me your daughter;
To be my wife;
And I promise her;
A wonderful life! 

The offer took them by surprise;
A refusal would mean;
Their country's demise;
The king and queen were filled with gladness;
But Philomena was overcome by sadness.

To be a bride of Christ;
She'd already taken a vow;
No way would Philomena;
Let it be broken now. 
The answer was a steadfast no;
The emperor now his force would show! 

To the dungeon Philomena was deployed;
All manner of torture was employed;
It was all to no avail;
The emperor's methods were doomed to fail.
Because God Himself defended her soul;
Philomena kept her eyes on her heavenly goal. 

The maiden Philomena;
Was strengthened by faith and grace;
Until the day she could behold;
God face to face.

Finally the maiden Philomena was beheaded;
And the onlookers wept;
For many centuries in the catacombs;
she silently slept.   

At last her relics were located;
And the excavators were elated;
When Philomena's relics,
Were bought up to the ground;
Miracles started to abound !

Some folks thought that miracles;
Had stopped with the Bible;
With Philomena;
They had a revival.

The sneering cynics;
Who had announced God's demise;
Were by Philomena's miracles;
Dealt a surprise.

Saint Philomena's fame;
Spread everywhere;
And people ran to her;
Pleading in prayer.

No one was forgotten;
No one was left out;
The cripples;
The dying;
The sad;
And the needy;
All of them found;
Her miracles speedy. 

From heaven she surveys;
All of our needs;
And on our behalf;
With God she pleads. 

Say a prayer to Saint Philomena;
And light her a candle;
Because there is no problem;
That she cannot handle.

There’s one thing more;
We should not ignore;
From her grave of silent obscurity;
She has come back to teach us;
About goodness and purity. 
More about St. Philomena's intercession

Saint Lawrence the martyr and deacon of Rome
Saint Lawrence looked after
the donations contributed,
To the poor and the needy,
these he distributed.

To be a Christian,
was to be hated.
To be put to death,
Christians were fated.

For Lawrence however
a concession was made,
but the price of martyrdom,
still would be paid.

The Emperor demanded,
“bring church treasure”,
for Lawrence, this,
would be a pleasure.

Three days from now,
you'll have all that you ask.
Lawrence set out,
to get on with the task!

Three days later,
he brought the sick and the poor.
This tactic sent emperor,
into a roar!

The Emperor now,
his anger would vent.
To a centurion’s dungeon,
Lawrence was sent.

In this prison, damp,
smelly and dark,
Saint Lawrence for Christ,
would now make his mark.

To a blind prisoner,
he taught about Our Lord.
With his fellow prisoner,
the faith struck a chord.

The element for baptism,
was at last found,
when miraculous water,
sprang from the ground.

After the baptism,
of the blind man,
his sight was restored,
to further God’s plan.

The centurion was by
this miracle impressed.
The Christian faith
he now professed.

A martyr and a saint,
He became,
Saint Hippolytus,
is his name.

Lawrence was roasted
on a grill alive,
for a while he managed
to survive.

Turn me over.
On this side I'm done,
Lawrence called out,
as if having fun.

If you imitate his love for Christ,
and his charity for the poor,
you just like Lawrence,
will enter heaven's door.
More information on St Lawrence

The Clutter Monster
Watch out for the clutter monster,
Who wants to ruin your life.
He'll move in uninvited,
And proceed to cause you strife.

He tells you to save,
Each magazine and bill,
If you follow his advice, 
Your house will over-fill !

He tells you to keep this,
He tells you to keep that,
Even to keep,
Your grandfather's hat.

With things in boxes,
All over the place,
You'll soon find out,
You have no space!

He's convinced you to keep,
All of your junk.
His advice to you,
Is just plain bunk!

Throw out some paper,
And claim your life back,
The clutter monster,
Will at first give you flack.

If you keep up your efforts,
Your house will look swell.
Clutter monster in your house,
No longer shall dwell.

Pope John Paul II
In 1978 John Paul,
To the papacy was raised,
By his charm and by his talents,
We were dazzled and amazed.

There didn't seem much,
That he couldn't do.
Here are his talents,
To name just a few,
Hiking, acting, skiing,
Writing poems,
And the occasional book.
John Paul certainly made
Take notice and look. 

He learnt with ease,
It seemed for him,
It was a breeze.

He knew that to God,
All credit was due,
Unlike proud men,
Who haven't a clue!

In Saint Peter’s Square,
On a sunny day,
A bullet rung out,
And came his way.

John Paul was in
A serious state,
The world was stunned,
By this act of hate.

By Our Lady of Fatima,
John Paul was protected,
Away from his organs,
The bullet deflected.

For many weeks,
We anxiously watched and prayed,
Hoping God's power,
Would soon be displayed.

A suspect was arrested,
And refused bail,
He was tried and convicted,
And then sent to jail.

When John Paul was recovered,
And again was feeling well,
He visited the hit man,
In a Rome prison cell.

He showed us how,
Our enemies to forgive,
He showed us how,
God wants us to live.

This message is sorely,
In this world needed,
Where the Gospel of Christ,
Is often unheeded.

Under Lech Walesa,
And with support from the pope,
The Polish people formed trade unions,
With courage and with hope.

The communist empire,
Crumbled down,
When John Paul
Stood again, upon Polish ground.

In country after country,
The Communists lost power,
Freedom in Eastern Europe,
Then again began to flower.

History never saw,
A more travelled pope,
All over the world,
He brought faith and hope.

On John Paul,
Parkinson's disease waged a war,
The once athletic pope,
Was vigorous no more.

On April 2, 2005,
To Pope John Paul,
We said goodbye.
His soul to God,
Would now fly.

From mourners at his funeral,
Came a spontaneous call,
To immediately proclaim him,
As “Saint John Paul”.

In answer to prayer,
Favours, John Paul, started to shower,
Demonstrating his great,
Intercessory power!

The Rosary
In the Rosary
There is great power.
Miracles on earth,
It can shower.

Miracles of healing
And every kind of grace,
The Rosary can bestow,
Upon the human race.

Take up the Rosary,
And say it well,
It's a weapon against,
All the powers of hell.

Cappuccino Time
If you've had a real bad day,
And lots of trouble came your way,
A cappuccino will cheer you up,
So pour yourself a nice big cup!

If I get to heaven
If I get to heaven
I'll drop you a line,
Just to let you know,
That I am doing fine.

If wings and a halo
are dispensed to me,
An eternally happy person
Forever, I shall be!

Joe the Smoker
Joe took up smoking
When he was young.
His friends told him,
That it was fun.

Joe thought that smoking
Made him look cool,
But in truth,
He was a fool.

His lungs collapsed,
And his health failed,
Things went bad,
And poor joe wailed.

He collapsed and died,
His family cried.
“He only lasted fourty years”.
They said as they sobbed,
Though their tears.

Learn a lesson,
From Joe our friend.
Smoking kills you,
In the end.

My Neighbour's Dog
My neighbour's dog
barks every night.
I'd give anything
to have peace and quiet.

I toss and turn
in my bed,
with noisy barking
in my head.

Thanks to,
this canine pest,
I no longer get,
a good night's rest.

To add insult to injury
my neighbour came over,
to ask me to look after,
his wretched dog Rover!

My neighbour says
that a holiday he needs.
He'll supply,
all dog feeds!

The Farmer
I bought a farm
Which was run down.
It was fifty miles
To the nearest town.

I ploughed the ground
And planted the seeds,
Watered the plants,
And tore out the weeds.

With water levels low,
In the tank,
New artesian wells
Into the ground
I sank.

Some rain was needed
For the crop,
But there wasn’t even
One small drop.

I waited, waited,
For the rain,
And finally
One day it came.

It rained non-stop,
Every day,
Washing all
The crops away!

Then the bushfires started
And the barn burnt down.
I quit the farm
And headed for town.

A bakery shop in the town,
I now run,
And dough I am making
By the ton.

When I was young
My mind was bright,
Alhemizers has
put out the light.

I’ve lost my keys,
I’ve lost my books,
and I forgot
to feed the chooks.

Can you tell how
the toothpaste I should use,
and what I’m supposed to do,
with this pair of shoes?

Don’t laugh at me,
Your turn will come.
being old and senile
is not much fun.

Saint Philomena
Saint Philomena Virgin Martyr,
from your throne of grace
cast a look of pity
upon the human race.

Saint Philomena the Wonder Worker
please hear us when we pray
and guide us through the challenges
that come to us today.

Please hear our prayers
and calm our fears
and guide us through
this vale of tears.

Hear us when we cry out to you
in our time of need
and your heavenly assistance
to us please do concede.

Spring cleaning
It’s time to spring clean
and it’s long overdue
Where do I start?
I haven’t a clue!

Books clothes and paper
are strewn everywhere!
The first thing I’ll do
Is send up a prayer!

  The powerful intercession of the Holy Souls in Purgatory for their benefactors

      Novena to St Philomena the Wonderworker for the healing of autism
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Modest Dressing
(for girls and women)

If you dress modestly
according to what’s right,
you’ll be a picture
you won’t be a sight!

Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop
Saint Mary of the Cross
From your throne of grace
Tenderly cast your gaze
Upon the human race

Saint Mary of the Cross
Please hear us when we pray
And guide us through the challenges
That we meet today.

Saint Mary of the Cross
You persevered when trouble came
Teach us who struggle on this earth
to do the very same.

Keep the people of this land
safe within your care
Help us to use our talents
and with each other share.

Saint Mary help and guide us
so that in heaven we may meet
and all the saints and angels
Joyfully we’ll greet.

The credit card trap
Cut up your credit card
it tempts you to spend.
Cut up your credit card
it’s really not your friend.

Don’t buy things
for which you have no money
‘cause when the bills come in
life won’t be sunny

Buying things on credit
is a way to pile up debt.
Living within your means
Will bring you no regret!

Don’t hold a grudge
Don’t hold a grudge
A grudge will make you ill
because the poison of hate
your being will fill.

Forgiving on the other hand
will make you well
you won’t be living
In a hate filled cell.