St Philomena The Wonder Worker
(Prayers, Miracles, Novena for Autistic children, and  poetry)

Novena for the healing of autistic children and for their families    

St. Philomena's Chaplet    

How this website came to be named Missionbell and St Philomena's connection with its naming

How St Philomena the Wonder Worker came into my life

St. Philomena's intercession  for mothers and babies  

More St. Philomena miracles    

St Philomena and the doctor’s Bill

Extract from the book St. Philomena The Wonder Worker by Fr. Paul O'Sullivan OP   

St. Philomena Prayer Page

Book review of: I ask St. Philomena by Rick Medina    

More St. Philomena Help

St Philomena and the Examinations

Present Ecclesial Status of Devotion to  St. Philomena  by Dr. Mark. I. Miravalle
How St. Philomena saved a criminal from the gallows 

Meet two special "St. Philomena babies"

St. Philomena's Help for an Alcoholic

St. Philomena's help for priests    

St. Philomena's Bell  (A miracle that took place at Mugnano del Cardinale, Italy)

Prayer petition page (send me your petitions for St. Philomena and St. Joseph)

Photograph of stained glass window showing St. Philomena and St. Mary of Magdala  

St. Philomena statue photographs   No. 1.     No 2.      No. 3.     No. 4.      No. 5.      No. 6

Poem about St Philomena The Wonder Worker

My book: Help from Heaven (Answers to Prayer), has several
St. Philomena intercession stories press here to read

St Philomena's intercession during some exorcisms


Pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and read about their powerful intercession for their benefactors

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